Monday, May 07, 2012

Eggapalooza 2012

A rather "noraml" looking Easter bunny showed up for the egg hunt.
M and Z with their best friend from church walking away with baskets FULL!!
M finding TONS of eggs....notice all of the eggs around her!
The girls and their "bestie"
All of the K-2nd grade getting ready to find eggs.
C making his way to a big pile.
The girls running for more.
Little Chef
M and her friend

Easter Morning

Love their long eyelashes
Mr. Handsome
They look like business men and women.

So innocent

Maggie Moo
Miss Priss!
I love her sassy attitude!
It is a same they don't get along....LOL!!
He was so proud to wear a suit.
Sisterly love

Easter Morning

Z's movie.....Happy Feet 2

Their Easter baskets

Lego Man and his goodies.

The inside of his basket.

His Googily glasses

Maggie Moo's new Wii gymnastics game.

The inside of Moo's basket.  Zoe got the same things except for the movie.

Orange Belt Presentation

Z receiving her orange belt.

Z is checking it out.

C is bowing in to receive his orange belt.

C receiving his belt.

Thumbs down to the white belt.

Thumbs up for the orange belts.

Their instructor had some fun with them after the ceremony.

Pyramid of excited kids!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Nerd Night at Awanas

Little Chef as a nerd


Maggie Moo as a nerd.


Nerd boy!

What?  I'm a nerd?


New Baby Chicks

The girls playing with the new baby chicks

Lego Man holding a chick

The chick whisperer

They loved their hour of outdoor freedom.

Our new garden for 2012

Lettuce, spinach, and broccoli.....YUM!

Boy Scouts Awards and Pine Wood Derby Race

C earned his Wolf badge. (He is right under the leaders arm in a hat)

C with his group.  He is 2nd from right.

His car is the "Auburn" car on the right.

The girls are cheering his car on.

His car won the 1st and 2nd race. (on left side now)

He finished 2nd in his division!! YAY!

All of the winners.