Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Few More Pictures

Family photo after AU game

4 sets of multiples at zoo

ZCM with turkey at zoo

Happy Thanksgiving!

M & C petting a sheep at zoo

M & C hanging out!

Picnic watching AU/UA game!

We went to the zoo with 2 other sets of triplets and a set of quads. We were more of an attraction than the animals. All of the kids had a great time and C actually pet a sheep without me making him do it!!!

Z, M, C and I watched the Auburn/Alabama game alone. Daddy was down South huntin'!! We decided to have a picnic for dinner and ate popcorn and grill cheese sandwiches!!!!! Go Auburn!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

1st Auburn Game!

The girls tailgating with their friend Laney.

M's first look at the Tigers

C's first view of Jordan Hare Stadium

Z yelling "WARRRR EAGLE!!"

We took the kids to their 1st Auburn game on November 4th. The Tigers played Arkansas State and won!! We tailgated with some friends of ours that have 4 1/2 yr. old triplets prior to the game. The kids were full of excitement and practically drug us into the stadium. We had awesome seats in the endzone and were thankful to have Papa tag along with us so we had one on one coverage of the kids. When we first sat down, C and Z were in awe and M would not sit still. They all yelled "WAAARRRR EAGLE---HEY!!" right along with the crowd and C continued to yell, "It's Auburn football!!" every few minutes. We were able to keep them contained and entertained until halftime and then we knew it was time to go. We were out of snacks and juice and just about out of patience!!!! (ha-ha) As exciting as the game was, I think the highlight of their trip was the bus ride to and from our parking spot!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Too Happy to be Sick!!

I had to post these pictures b/c all 3 kids are sick today. By the looks on their faces, you would never know it. C has an ear infection, cold, and fever. M has a lower respiratory infection and fever and Z has a UTI and fever. The first picture is of C and Z. The second picture is M, C, and Z. The girls are wearing their new 'Dora' outfits from Aunt Martha and were very happy to pose in them.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Horsing Around!

Horseback riding with daddy!

Our new "pet"---Shadow the horse

Here are some pictures of the kids "horsing around" with daddy and their new "pet" horse. They now love horses since they got to ride PePaw's horse, Shadow, this past weekend. That is all they have been able to talk about for the last couple of days.

I found their "pet" at Wal-Mart after Halloween and they fight over who is gets to ride it everyday. They have taken Shadow to bed, in the car, and shopping!!!!!