Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Z-M-C!!!

On Saturday, Oct. 3rd, we had Z, M, C's birthday party at our church gym. We originally planned to have the party in our back yard but after 2 weeks of downpours, we decided to have it indoors. The theme was "Halloween"!
C with one of his friends on a little scooter car. These were a favorite for everyone.
The King triplets checking out the scooter cars.
Hula hoops and more scooter fun.
Lots of room to run and play!
More fun!
Most of our party guests posing for a serious picture.
Silly faces!
The YUMMY cake made by Mrs. Alverna. (Thanks!)
The cake table
The gift table and drink station (in the kitchen window)
The food table
Posing with their cake and orange mustaches
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Still singing
Group picture with guests who arrived late.
C taking time out for a quick picture.
Z's friend "L" pushing her during the scooter board races.
M going wide open on her scooter.
Opening presents at home with a few family and friends.
Bat Man (a.k.a. Moot Moot)
Ending the night playing dress-up with the Draughon triplets (their bestest friends!!)
Friend "H", C, and friend "P"

Friday, October 02, 2009

Johnny Appleseed Day

Friday, Sept. 25th was Johnny Appleseed Day at their kindergarten. Here are Z and C making their caramel covered apples.
Here they are with their finished apples.
Here is M with a classmate making their apples.
All done!!
Z pretending to be Johnny Appleseed.
C pretending to be Johnny Appleseed.
M is pretending to be Johnny Appleseed.
M posing while some of her classmates are painting.
C painting with apples.
M's 1st caramel apple ever!!
C trying to figure out how to bite it.
Z trying not to bite with her 2 wiggly bottom teeth.