Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ft. Morgan Beach Trip

An afternoon storm came rolling in the day we arrived at Ft. Morgan

This is the view from the house we stayed in with our family, the in-laws, and my brother-in-law and his family. A lot of fishin' was done off of that pier and we enjoyed many evenings in the screened in porch watching the sunset.

The back yard was covered in live oaks and Spanish moss.

The pool that we enjoyed all week.

Notice the RV park right on the other side of the wooden fence???

M posing as the storm rolled in.

The winds were getting stronger as M taught her little cousin how to pose.

The boys had to come and get in on the action.
Harry the Heron came and visited us everyday.
On rainy evenings, the kids found fun ways to entertain themselves.
Z is happy that she came in 2nd place. Her cuz, J, behind her won!
On our last night, as we were packing, a big "rolly polly" mouse made his apperance. This is the kids with their mouse catching gear. Notice that C would like to just squish him with his hands.
I wanted a group picture of the kids on our last day.
M was NOT ready to go home and wasn't in the mood for a picture.
Once I told her to sit down and relax, she loosened up a bit.
C enjoyed posing for me.
It took a couple of tries to get a good picture of Z but she finally smiled for me.
The kids tried to convince me to stay another week by showing me just how relaxing the bay is.
M and I being silly trying to keep her mind off of the fact that we had to leave.
Work it girl!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Photos

Ready for church with their new bibles from MiMi and PaPa.
C said: "Mom, I think I can fit in the new dryer."
Me: "I know it's big, but I don't think it is THAT big."
C: "I bet it is. Watch me!!"
Me: "Wow! It really is big! Want to go for a ride???!!!"
Z had to prove that she could fit too.
So did Moo!

Summer T-ball

This summer, the kids got to participate in FREE t-ball. The grandfather of one of their classmates made a t-ball field just so he could provide free, non-competitive t-ball. M is standing in the middle wearing black pants. Their coach is to the right.
Z watching as C catches a ground ball.
M taking a break.
C getting ready to bat.
M is running so fast.
Z batting.....can you see the blur of her pink bat?

Homeschool Convention

The day after graduation, our whole family attended the Alabama Homeschool Conference at Camp Sumatunga. We spent the weekend at the camp.
Here are the kids with their cousins, whom also attended the conference with their parents.
M had just had a meltdown b/4 I took this picture.
They were getting ready to attend "kid's camp".
They all fit into the closet in our cabin and begged for a picture.
Standing out by the lake while daddy tried to fish.
This is a cross that overlooks the lake.
C climbed the large rocks and yelled out, "I'm king of the world".
Z posing for me.
C was SOOO tired and can see all of the boo-boos on his knees from falling down.
M posed one last time for me.
The girls climbing through a crack in the rocks.
Right b/4 we left, some momma geese and their babies were walking close to us.
Daddy tried to catch a baby but was quickly backed away by the momma.