Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More on our Anniv. weekend

M, C, Z
filled with anticipation for the show to start
The sign might be hard to see but is says "THE WIGGLES"!!!
There they are!! Jeff, Anthony, Sam, and Maury
Rockin' out!
They tired themselves out with so much dancing and singing.

After the Rick and Bubba show, we went back home for some family time and then we went out to eat at an awesome Mexican restaurant. Our first date was at a Mexican restaurant!! On Saturday, daddy watched the kids while I went yard sale shopping!!! After lunch, he surprised us with tickets to see "The Wiggles". We all had a blast!!! Their show is very energetic and amusing for the adults. After the show, we went to swim party for another set of triplets. We slept in on Sunday morning, went to the church, and then spent a nice Sunday afternoon together. Oh! The kids and I made daddy a very special "10 years of Memories" scrapbook and presented it to him Friday afternoon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our 10 Year Anniversary!!!

Z, Me, M, Bubba, C, Rick, and Daddy
ZCM amazed at the studio
Z & M trying to wake up
Today is our 10 year anniversary. As part of our celebration, Ben got us golden tickets to the Rick & Bubba Show. We had to be there at 7:00 a.m. and we left at 9:00. The kids were really excited and a little confused. They thought they were going to get to talk on the microphones and a be a part of the show. Rick, Bubba, Speedy, & Dee were really nice and chatted with the golden tickets holders during every break. During the broadcast, they sang, "Happy anniversary baby. I've got you on my mind" to us. The kids thought that was hysterical. They loved giving everyone "tators" with their fists to everyone and we enjoyed hearing the show live!!
More on our special day later!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Girlie Girls Weekend

The girls dressed so silly to go eat dinner at Zaxby's. I wish I had taken a full length photo of them. Z has on yellow crocs, a pink and purple sheer dress (it was an old swimsuit cover-up) over her clothes, a safari hat, and purple and pink eyeshadow. M has on orange crocs, a pink and purple ballet outfit on top of her clothes, a crown, and pink eyeshadow. They got lots of looks!!
Eating a late night snack at MiMi's house.
Z trying out the new blue mouthwash that stains the plaque on your teeth blue.
M with her blue mouth.

M, me, & Z dressed fancy for our big "Girlie" outing.
M, MiMi, & Z
We stopped by to see Great Granny on our way to lunch.

We ate at the Chocolate Biscuit Tea Room and as you can tell from the stack of plates, we enjoyed our meals.
Mommy and M
MiMi and Z

The best part about eating at the Chocolate Biscuit is the chocolate biscuits. Trust me, they taste much better than they look.
M with her dessert
Z with her dessert

This weekend, daddy took C camping with Papa, his uncle, and 2 cousins. They set off to North Alabama for a "Man's weekend" so the girls and I went to MiMi's house for a "Girlie Girl" weekend. Above are picture from our adventure. We stayed Friday night with MiMi and ate dinner at Zaxby's. After dinner, we spent an hour in Wal-Mart and shopped from some new games to play with at MiMi's house. Once home, the girls took a bubble bath in MiMi's giant garden tub with her special bubble bath and then we played the new games. We finished the night off with an ice cream treat and straight to bed we went.
On Saturday, the girls wanted to dress fancy for their special lunch at the Chocolate Biscuit Tea Room. They picked out their favorite "fancy" dresses (I had to deny them the Cinderella and Snow White costumes). They wore high heels, a necklace, a bracelet, rings, and a big pretty bow. I put white eye shadow, blush, and lipstick on them. They also put sparkle lotion on their arms. They were gleaming at how beautiful they looked and were about to pop with excitement.
We stopped by the nursing home to see Great Granny and then went to lunch. The girls loved eating from fancy dishes and drinking water from a fancy cup. They couldn't stop smiling. After lunch, we ran a few errands and then the girls went swimming in the little kiddie pool at MiMi's house. I enjoyed some quiet time reading magazines. After that, they took a nap and I got to go to the thrift store all by myself. I found some of the best deals for winter clothes for the kids and a few goodies for me.
We finished our girlie time with MiMi over some pizza and Sprite for dinner and then we came back to our house. After unpacking, we stayed up and watched a movie, ate a snack, and then called it a night. We were all exhausted.
This morning, we went to Sunday school and the girls got on stage with the children's choir and sang a worship song. They were precious. After church, I treated the girls to lunch at McDonalds and as much time as they wanted to play on the indoor playground. We enjoyed a few quite hours at home playing dolls and games b/4 Daddy and C arrived. Now everything is back to normal..............LOUD!!!!!
p.s. The boys had a great weekend and no one got hurt!!! Yeah!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day of Learning

The girls wearing their "Super Why?" capes from their favorite PBS cartoon
Notice the shy one behind them?
Peach smoothie mustache
M is very serious with her mustache

C didn't want a mustache so he decided to just look cute.
M with her "Mat Man"
C with his "Mat Man" (notice the hands coming out of the head)
Z with her "Mat Man"

Today the kids watched "Super Why?" and then acted out their favorite characters. Z saw someone on Sesame Street drinking a smoothie and asked if we could make one. We had a HUGE basket of fresh peaches (thanks Cynthia) so we made peach smoothies. They practiced their math skills by helping me measure the ingredients and count ice cubes to go in the smoothie. They then had a contest to see who had the best smoothie mustache. I think Z won!!
After lunch, we began a writing program called "Handwriting Without Tears". Believe it or not, but their silly looking "Mat Man" helps them learn to write letters correctly. It taught them all about long lines, little lines, big curve, and little curve......all the shapes needed to form letters. They then took the sticks and formed letters on the floor.
We also cut up an old squash and fed the chickens and threw some things in the compost pile (or munchie bed as my dad calls it). We discussed what a compost pile was good for and what types of things you throw in it and we talked about things that chickens like to eat.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How we celebrated the 4th

M, Z, Great Gran, and C
Trying to stay cool! I don't think they will fit in this pool next summer.
One set of triplets hangs out with one set of twins.
Chowing down on some watermelon

Notice the juice dripping from her chin?
C likes to suck the juice and then eat the watermelon.

We spent the weekend at my parents house and got to hang out with my grandmother "Gran", my brothers, and my parents. We filled our bellies for 2 days with hot dogs, sausage dogs, red hots, hamburgers, grilled chicken, ribs, BBQ, baked beans, potato salad, fresh garden tomatoes, chips and salsa, draft beer, sweet tea, and Capri Suns. We shot fireworks Friday night and went swimming at a sweet neighbors house on Saturday (in a real pool). The kids were actually able to touch the bottom in the sallow end, and they were so proud of themselves. It was a nice relaxing weekend spent with family to celebrate our nation's freedom!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Music to my ears!

The kids have been saving money since Christmas to buy their own musical instruments. We have been trying to teach them patience and how to shop the sale ads and get the most for your money. Their patience finally paid off and Z got her keyboard with microphone on sale. C got his jammin' guitar for 1/2 off and M not only found her drum at the thrift store for $1.50 but she also got some news dolls and accessories with her left over money at Wal-Mart.
C looks like a pro
M with her "mean drummer face" saying "yeah!"
Z getting down on her piano

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another sewing project

About 2 yrs. ago, I went to the beach with several girlfriends and we hit the outlets for some AWESOME deals. I found the 2 tops that the girls are wearing in the picture above at The Children's Place for 49 cents each. Being a thrifty shopper, I bought every size they had (thinking ahead). What I didn't think ahead on was the fact that those shirts were actually onesies. What child wearing a size 4T wears a onesie???? Needless to say, I cut the onesie part off and added a skirt and also some monogramming on M's shirt. I have to go back and fix M's skirt b/c I made it wrong but she didn't care. You also can't tell very well, but the bottom of M's skirt has tiny pastel colored polka dots.