Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another sewing project

About 2 yrs. ago, I went to the beach with several girlfriends and we hit the outlets for some AWESOME deals. I found the 2 tops that the girls are wearing in the picture above at The Children's Place for 49 cents each. Being a thrifty shopper, I bought every size they had (thinking ahead). What I didn't think ahead on was the fact that those shirts were actually onesies. What child wearing a size 4T wears a onesie???? Needless to say, I cut the onesie part off and added a skirt and also some monogramming on M's shirt. I have to go back and fix M's skirt b/c I made it wrong but she didn't care. You also can't tell very well, but the bottom of M's skirt has tiny pastel colored polka dots.

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