Thursday, March 29, 2007

Night time prayers

No pictures to post today. I just have a sweet story about our bedtime rituals. Every night after the kids put on their pjs, brush their teeth, and pick out their bed lovies, we sit on the floor in their room and say our prayers. We have always prayed "Now I lay me down to sleep" with them since they were born. About 8 months ago, daddy or I started saying a prayer after that to teach them how to pray for others and about our day. They learned a sweet prayer at Mother's Day Out and started singing it at bedtime too. About 2 months ago, we started asking if any of them would like to pray. Usually only one of them would volunteer and they would thank God for EVERY member of our immediate and extended family and that was it!!! About 3 weeks ago, they all started praying individually. Usually Z goes first and her prayer is pretty predictable. She thanks God for C, M, mommy and daddy. She always asks that C and M have a fun day with their speech therapist (who they see once a week) and that she has fun with her physical therapist (who she also sees once a week). She asks that everyone's yuckies go away (everyone stayed sick for about 2 months). She asks that they have a good night-night and then screams, "JESUS NAME AMEN!!". C goes next and repeats almost the exact same prayer and screams even louder, "JESUS AMEN!". M goes last and she tries to remember what they have said and usually repeats herself about 5 times and screams, "AMEN!". Well, last night, they all prayed for something completely different. It was SOOOOO awesome. M thanked God for each of her friends at therapy and for a good day at MDO. Z prayed for her teacher and for daddy to have a good day at work. C prayed for me to make lots of money selling hair bows and thanks God for all of his toys and food. It is so sweet to see them blossom and learn to love the Lord!! I look forward to night time prayers now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Multiples at the zoo!

Since most Mother's Day Out and schools were having spring break this week, a bunch of my friends with multiples decided to meet at the zoo. I think seeing all of us walking together was more of an attraction to passerbyers than the animals. We got lots of "Your hands are full" and "God bless you".

In picture #1, (l-r) Brewer surviving quintuplets (2 boys and 2 girls), Mellon quads (1 boy & 3 girls in wagon), ZMC in the jogger stroller, and King triplets (1 boy & 2 girls). The ages range from 21 months to 3 1/2 yrs. old.

In picture #2, (l-r) C is wearing lime green shirt, Parker and Hudson D. (set of triplets), Z, Laney D., Aiden K. (set of triplets), M, and Taylor and Jenson K.

The smell of burnt plastic!

We have been waiting for C to do one of those "typical boy" stunts. Well, he did it last night while daddy was frying okra. The entire time he was cooking, we smelt burnt plastic and could not figure out where it was coming from. Once daddy removed the frying pan, we saw the source of the smell (picture 1). It was one of C's matchbox cars and it use to be silver!! Picture #3 is the car after we removed the eye. Notice the gooey wheels. Picture #4 is the final result after it cooled off. We still don't know when he put the car under the eye. I used the same spot to cook lunch and it wasn't there. Boy oh boy are we in for some fun with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on M's eye!

Here is a picture of M's eye a few days later. Again, she looked in the mirror and said, "oh, Pretty. Yellow." She still has a little greenish ring around it today but it isn't very noticeable. I also included a picture of me with Z and a very close-up of C.

Monday, March 12, 2007

M's Boo-Boo!!

Last night, M was running through the house and tripped on daddy's computer cord and hit the corner of the hard plastic Lego table. As soon as she got up and turned around, it was already swollen. Luckily, she hit the bone on the outside of the eye. The first 2 of pictures are of her eye last night. It was just a little swollen and had a small scrape on the outside. The next 2 pictures are her this morning. It was more swollen and has turned several shades of purples and pinks and the scrape was scabbed over. When M saw it in the mirror, she said, "OOH, Pretty!!" "Look Mom! It's pink and purple" "I have a rainbow eye!" She has been very proud to show off her "pretty" eye!!