Monday, March 12, 2007

M's Boo-Boo!!

Last night, M was running through the house and tripped on daddy's computer cord and hit the corner of the hard plastic Lego table. As soon as she got up and turned around, it was already swollen. Luckily, she hit the bone on the outside of the eye. The first 2 of pictures are of her eye last night. It was just a little swollen and had a small scrape on the outside. The next 2 pictures are her this morning. It was more swollen and has turned several shades of purples and pinks and the scrape was scabbed over. When M saw it in the mirror, she said, "OOH, Pretty!!" "Look Mom! It's pink and purple" "I have a rainbow eye!" She has been very proud to show off her "pretty" eye!!

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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Until B called this morning and told us about the shiner, I had no idea you blogged!!! You've been bloggin' almost a year and I never knew!! The shiner is painfully cute! Miss you...pencil us in the first week of April, we'll be there for spring break. We'll talk details later!