Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

Daddy read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve and the kids acted it out.
M played the part of the angels.
Z was Mary and C was Joseph. They were so cute!!!
Here are the goodies that Santa left the girls.....My Twinn doll bunk beds, My Twinn outfits and shoes, and a color your own calendar.
C also got a calendar, Mario Bros. Wii game, Hangman magnet game,
Star Wars book, and Civil War playset.
Our tree in the living room
The kids coming out of their rooms Christmas morning.
M reading the note that Santa left beside the cookies and milk telling them that he left some gifts downstairs under the Auburn Christmas tree when he came in through the basement door.
The kids ran downstairs to find a BB gun, Wheel of Fortune Wii game, and a mini guitar.
C proud of his skeleton gloves that were in his stocking.
Me...extremely excited about my new Auburn Stadium Stompers
a.k.a..... cowboy rain boots
Daddy with his new Keurig coffee maker.
The girls modeling their new dress up outfits.
We had an amazing morning opening gifts, laughing with each other, and remembering the real reason for Christmas.......JESUS!!!

Christmas in Atlanta

Last weekend we went to Atlanta to celebrate Christmas with Ben's brother and his family and his parents. Above is Z with a CD that goes along with her new CD player/headphones!
M with her Barbie and bike from the cousins
C with his new "Star Wars" quilt and sham from MiMi and PaPa. He was so excited!
PaPa surrounded by the grandchildren
One of Uncle Andy's gifts from us.
My 2 favorite guys
MiMi and PaPa surprised Andy and his family with a new flat screen TV.
I love their expressions!
PaPa and MiMi with all of the grandkids at church.
Thanks Uncle Andy (and family) and MiMi and PaPa for a WONDERFUL Christmas!

Z finally lost her other front tooth

Tooth in the jar
Snaggle tooth!!
Yep, you heard right!
She lost her tooth!!!???
That makes me go crazy!
We have tried for ONE month to pull that tooth. It was literally hanging by one root and was turned sideways. It looked horrible. On Dec. 15th, I coated her gums with Orajel and gave it a good yank when I got her distracted with something on TV. She didn't even cry! We were all shocked that it finally came out!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Parade

C got to be in the Christmas parade with his Boy Scouts troop. If you look REALLY hard, you will see him the blue jacket with white stripe on the sleeve riding on the front of the float next to the silver pole that is holding their sign. You will also see Ben walking beside them.
In this picture, you can see Ben and 1/2 of C on the right.
Their float moved by us so fast I couldn't snap fast enough.
Our favorite float was "the Grinch and Cindy Loo" on top of a firetruck.

Daddy's 38th Birthday

The kids decided they wanted to make Daddy breakfast in bed. They gave him powered doughnuts, a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant, coffee, and grapefruit juice.
We woke Daddy up to a nice surprise.
C was still trying to wake up.
After a nice morning at home, we all headed to Bass Pro to see Santa.
This year they all attacked him at once for a photo.
They stopped to pose with Mr. Nutcracker as we wandered through the store.
Oh no! Bear attack! But the kids seem to have everything under control.
After we left Bass Pro, we treated Daddy to dinner at Superior Grill. YUM!!!!
Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

Edible Christmas Trees

What do you get when you take a little bit of this?
And kids doing this?
You get a beautiful, yummy, edible Christmas tree. We have been reading "The Adventure of Christmas" each day and this was the activity for the day we read about the Christmas tree.
M with gree teeth.
Z getting ready to eat the top off.
C ended up with more on him than in his belly.
This was actually a clean looking photo of his hands.

Soccer Awards

Coah Philix is handing out medals to the Green Goblins team members. M is #4. The guy beside him is Harold, the founder of the West Jefferson Soccer League.
Z is waiting patiently to get her medal. They were missing 2 team mates.
The girls prouldy showing off their medals.
Way to go #3 and #4!!

Exploring in Half Acre

After Thanksgiving, Ben, myself, and the kids took my mom over to my Aunt Wynell (mom's sister) and Uncle Vern's "vacation place" (there hometown) to visit with them and to see my cousin Marc. Marc took us exploring on his 200+ acres. Above is Z and C playing by the creek.
Marc had us pose for a family photo.
We snuck up on 3 does in a green field. Can you believe that THREE KIDS snuck up on 3 deer?
Here we are about 30 or so yards away from the deer.
The deer had no idea we were there until Z sneezed really loudly!!
Thanks Marc for the expedition!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Girl's last soccer game

The kids were suppose to have professional pictures taken of their team, but no one ever showed up so I took my own. Unfortunetly, I don't have one of their whole team.
M scored 2 goals at her last game!!
Z almost scored and she had some great blocks!
Sisterly love