Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sassy Mouths

Sassy (or ugly) mouths is what we say our kids have right now. They are starting to learn that different words and phrases bring different reactions from people; both good and bad. So they are trying out lots of words and phrases on us. Mostly bad.

Their favorite word right now (if it is a real word and I don't know how to spell it) is ah-ah (meaning no-no or no way). It drives me crazy and I think they know it. Their favorite phrase is, "I not do that" or "I NOT". Some of their cuter phrases are, "You forgot mommy" when I forget to do anything or at least when they think I have forgotten to do something. My most favorite phrase that they have all started to say is, "I love you so much mommy!!!!". It makes my heart melt every time and I forget all of the ugly words that have been said.

Along with the sassy phrases, they have also started to tell little white lies. For instance, tonight, Z went into the bathroom to put her toothbrush and water cup up (our bathroom is too tiny to brush all 3 kids in there) and when she came out, daddy asked her if she pee-peed while she was in there. She thought for a minute and said yes. Well, if she had to think about it, then she probably did not go. Daddy asked her again and said that she better tell the true and she said yes again. I told her that I would know if she was lying b/c I had just flushed the potty and if there was no toilet paper in the potty, then I knew she was lying. You could see her little brain working and she quickly ran to the bathroom. She immediately burst out in tears. I knew what had happened. She had hoped that she could run into the bathroom and put some toilet paper in the potty really quick and we would think that she had peed. But, what she didn't know was that I had moved their step stool and potty seat so it was very obvious that she hadn't pee-peed and she knew that she was caught. During our bedtime prayers, we talked a lot about sin and forgiveness and made everyone ask for forgiveness for their sassy (or ugly as they say) mouths.

I can only imagine what the next 3 years has in store for us.....................................

Poor Brother!!

As the only boy with 2 sisters, C does a lot of "girly" things. It drives daddy crazy to see him dress up but I remind him that it is helping to shape his imagination and help with his independent dressing skills. (And maybe he is getting his drag queen urges out of his system early!! ha-ha)

As you can tell from the pictures above, they had a blast dressing up today. It is hard to see in the picture, but C has on his favorite pair of dress up shoes. They are navy fleece with wooden clogs on the bottom. He LOVES the sound that they make when he runs through the kitchen. He could care less that they are girls shoes. He just knows that they are his favorite color and make a really cool sound. The girls have on tights and their favorite colors of princess shoes. It is also hard to tell but M is adjusting her princess crown.

I will have to stick up for C though and say that he loves to play with cars and trucks MUCH, much more than he does dressing up. He doesn't stay in dress-up clothes for very long and as soon as they hit the floor, he is dumping his favorite basket of cars on the floor and playing with them on his car rug (large rug with a race track and roads on it).

I can only hope that all of the 'girly' activities will help shape his character for the future. I pray that he will be caring, compassionate, and respectful to women....................especially to his mom and sisters!!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Potty Trauma!

Okay, so I am sure that most of you have seen the State Farm commercial of the curly headed father trying to get his triplets or quads to bed and they are running all over the house. One of the girls runs to the bathroom and drops his watch in the potty. The next scene is her saying "uh-oh" and the sound of the toilet flushing. Well, the kids saw that commercial yesterday morning and asked me why she said "uh-oh". I explained to them that she had flushed her daddy's watch down the potty and that was a HUGE NO-NO!!! I could see the wheels in their heads turning, so I further explained that we only flush pee-pee, poo-poo, and toilet paper in the potty and nothing else. They seemed to get it and our day went on. Well, last night at bedtime, I told the girls to go us the potty b/4 we put their jammies on. We could hear them giggling and I told them to stop playing and hurry up. They continued to giggle so I sent C in to tell them to hurry up. As soon as C walked into the bathroom, both girls began screaming and crying hysterically. I mean, it was the kind of cries that you would hear if someone got a finger cut off or something. We didn't know if one of them fell and hit their head or if C had bitten one of them. Z comes running out of the bathroom almost hyperventilating and says, "It's in the potty". By this time, Ben has run into the bathroom to see what has happened and begins to laugh uncontrollably. I ask Z what happened and she said the watch fell into the potty. (To back track a little, Mimi had given Z a sterling silver band bracelet and she was wearing it at the time). So, needless to say, they were playing in the bathroom and the "watch" fell in the potty and they started crying b/c they thought they were in serious trouble. Ben and I could not control our laughter. It took the girls about 15 minutes to calm down and stop crying. So, I guess some of my lectures really get through to them!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Latest surgeries!

We took all 3 to the ENT 2 weeks ago for their yearly check-up since having tubes placed in their ears. We also knew that M had some wax blockage in her right ear that needed to be removed. Boy, was our visit a shocking one! M had a HUGE piece of wax blocking her right ear. It was a little bit smaller than a dime and very thick. After it was removed, she said, "AAHH! That's better!". We then learned that both of her tubes were completely clogged and her ears were filled with fluid. We knew that C had lost both of his tubes but were shocked to learn that he also had fluid in both ears. The best news of the day was that Z still had both tubes and no fluid, which meant no surgery. As for C and M, they had to have a 2nd set of tubes put in last week. They both did great with the surgery and had no complications. The 1st picture above is of C and M snuggling with each other on the couch after they got home from the hospital. The 2nd picture is of Z being sympathetic and a little jealous b/c they were getting more attention.

The picture above is of my latest sewing/hair bow project. I learned how to make monogrammed buttons and turn them into ponytail holders. I made these a pigtail holders for a little girls birthday.