Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sassy Mouths

Sassy (or ugly) mouths is what we say our kids have right now. They are starting to learn that different words and phrases bring different reactions from people; both good and bad. So they are trying out lots of words and phrases on us. Mostly bad.

Their favorite word right now (if it is a real word and I don't know how to spell it) is ah-ah (meaning no-no or no way). It drives me crazy and I think they know it. Their favorite phrase is, "I not do that" or "I NOT". Some of their cuter phrases are, "You forgot mommy" when I forget to do anything or at least when they think I have forgotten to do something. My most favorite phrase that they have all started to say is, "I love you so much mommy!!!!". It makes my heart melt every time and I forget all of the ugly words that have been said.

Along with the sassy phrases, they have also started to tell little white lies. For instance, tonight, Z went into the bathroom to put her toothbrush and water cup up (our bathroom is too tiny to brush all 3 kids in there) and when she came out, daddy asked her if she pee-peed while she was in there. She thought for a minute and said yes. Well, if she had to think about it, then she probably did not go. Daddy asked her again and said that she better tell the true and she said yes again. I told her that I would know if she was lying b/c I had just flushed the potty and if there was no toilet paper in the potty, then I knew she was lying. You could see her little brain working and she quickly ran to the bathroom. She immediately burst out in tears. I knew what had happened. She had hoped that she could run into the bathroom and put some toilet paper in the potty really quick and we would think that she had peed. But, what she didn't know was that I had moved their step stool and potty seat so it was very obvious that she hadn't pee-peed and she knew that she was caught. During our bedtime prayers, we talked a lot about sin and forgiveness and made everyone ask for forgiveness for their sassy (or ugly as they say) mouths.

I can only imagine what the next 3 years has in store for us.....................................

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