Sunday, January 21, 2007

Belated Christmas Pictures!

Here we are Christmas morning! I'm holding M b/c she wasn't quite ready to see what Santa had brought.

Below is C looking at the empty plate of cookies and glass of milk and the note that Santa left.

The kids with their Mickey Mouse hats and their new playhouse and washer/dryer. C with his "Big boy underwear" and new toothbrush.

M with her new hat and Dora game.

Potty Training

The kids with their "trophies"...potty training stickers!!!!

Okay, so I apologize in advance for not posting Christmas pictures as I promised, but the week after Christmas, we decided to start potty training everybody! I'm hear to say, NEVER potty train three 3 yrs. old at one time and with a tiny bathroom. For those of you reading this who successfully potty trained 3 or more children at one time, I applaud and admire you. For those of you who were unsuccessful, I totally sympathize with you and feel your pain and frustration. Our potty training week was not a total loss. M is completely potty trained. She will pee/poop anytime, anywhere, any potty. C took a little longer but he will now pee at home and in "mommy's car potty". I keep a potty chair in the car b/c he will not (until this past Thursday) pee at mother's day out or the Bell Center. He would hold his pee the entire time he was there and then run to use "mommy's car potty" when I picked them up.........4 hours later!!!!!!! On Thursday, his teacher finally got him to pee in their potty!!!! He hasn't had a pee-pee accident in over a week but he still poops in his underwear. He said he is afraid to poop in the potty so we continue to work on that. Z is a totally different story. She will NOT pee/poop in the potty. She tries but to no avail. She will wear underwear and then will ask for a diaper when she has to go. After about 10-15 minutes, I'll hear her scream..."I did it mommy. I pee-peed in my diaper!". When we made her wear underwear all day, she only peed once in 24 hours. Needless to say, we have backed off and are moving at her pace. We also had a meeting with her therapists and believe that she has some tight muscle tone issues in her upper thighs and "girlie area" and has difficult relaxing enough to pee in the potty. We hope her therapists can come up with some strategies to help relax her and her muscles.

Enough potty talk......Everyone is doing well. We are headed back to MeMaw and PePaws this weekend to get in some last minute deer hunting and for the kids to be in the "country". M wants to ride the horses, C wants to go hunting, and Z wants to feed the animals with PePaw. We love going down there and long to have our own "country" spread!!!