Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day at the park

After graduation pictures, I took the kids to the park.
This is Z being very brave, hanging from the spinning wheel.
C running the "general store"
M making herself spin on the spinning wheel
C in the tunnel
Z posing while taking a break from climbing on the moving steps.
M coming through the tunnel
Z enjoying an oatmeal cream pie snack
We took time out to walk down to the pond and feed the ducks.

Kindergarten graduation pictures

Yesterday, the kids had graduation pictures taken at school. When the photographer told me that I would have to pay $27 per child for individual pictures, I said, "Let's do a group shot and I'll do the individual pictures myself." So, here is M.
Here is Z.
Here is C.
Here is my favorite group shot
C with his "girlfriend" Zoe
Zoe, C, and my Z
M and her best friend, Sarah

Jordan family reunion

All of the children gathering on the Half Acre Community Church steps (in a triangle as C insisted on) for a group pictures.
Parents (and some of my cousins) looking on.
Everyone looking at an old Indian trail map of the area.
My sweet Aunt Wynell and Uncle Vern, who will fuss at me for posting this picture! Thanks for putting the reunion together every year Aunt W.
M taking time to pose for picture as they take a drink break from playing with their cousins.
My cousins, Marc and (silly) Walter. C had a blast talking "politics" with Marc

Fishing in Magnolia

Z with her 1st catch
C with his 1st catch
M with her 1st catch
Back at the camp with some friends looking at their fish and discussing (well arguing) about who caught the biggest one. To set the record straight, M caught the biggest brim.
Here they are with their friends (who also fished with them) showing off their "Trophies".
Each child caught between 8-10 brim each.
The catfish were caught by the adults.

C lost 3rd tooth

C's baby tooth
He was SO excited when daddy pulled his 3rd tooth on April 11th that he cried.
The tooth fairy has been VERY busy around here. He has one more loose tooth on the bottom and 2 on the top. Z also has another loose tooth.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A sweet sight

He has finally developed a LOVE for reading!!!!

Easter Day

The kids with their "goodies" after an Easter morning scavenger hunt to find them all.
My attempt at our 1st Easter morning picture with the kids in their fancy clothes. M walked right behind the car door as it was being opened and it smashed into her head and shoulder pretty hard. C tried to comfort her but you can see the tears in her eyes.
Family picture. (C is holding a ring pop)
They were ready to pose for pictures now that we were at church.
My favorite picture. I told them to act like they love each other (and they do).
Z with her new friend, K, in front of the floral cross.
Posing with their cousins at PaPa and MiMi's house
Mimi, PaPa, and the grandkids
The "W" brothers and their families.

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

C being a bunny
M being a bunny. For some reason, I did not get a picture of Z being a bunny.
Z with a bunny nose
M with a Christmas bunny nose
C with a bunny nose
All of the kids getting to come into the church gym to hunt eggs.
It had rained that morning so the grass was too wet to hunt outside.
Look at them go!
Z checking out her loot.
M showing off her biggest egg.

Easter Egg Hunt at the kid's school

M on the left hunting for eggs.
C finding hidden eggs in the bushes.
C and M with 2 class friends
M and Z looking at their "loot"
Class picture
(Notice C's girlfriend with her arm around him)