Thursday, August 04, 2011

Entertainment on a hot summer day!

I put make-up on the girls and rolled their hair.

They dressed in animal print and put on a fashion show
This is their formal dance wear and C is their escort (with a mohawk)

Look how old he looks....AAHH!

MAJOR bike wreck!

We went to Magnolia to see my family for several days. While we there, the kids rode their bikes all over the place. The night b/4 we were to go home, the kids were riding their bikes down a big gravel road back to the house and I was following behind them in the car. Z was going too fast, hit a rock, and lost control. She flipped over the handle bars and hit face 1st in the gravel. She knocked out a baby tooth, tore up the inside of her mouth, busted her nose, and as you can see, received many scratches all over her face.
We picked gravel out her lip and mouth for several days.

This picture was taken the night it happened right after we bathed her off.

You can see how swollen her face is.


The funniest thing about the accident (yes, we always find laughter in tragedy) is that M and C were worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't come since we couldn't find Z's tooth that got knocked out. I told them to write a letter to the tooth fairy and tape it on the back door.

This is what is said,

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My sister had a bike wreck and lost her tooth tonight.

Could you please leave her money anyway?

Your Friend,


The next morning, they found a dollar bill taped to the letter.

M said, "I can't believe she bought it!!"

Too funny!

End of Season Soccer Party

The kids had their end of the season soccer party and awards on June 9th. They had water slides, a dunkin' booth, and a swing ride.
The trio after a fun afternoon of playing.