Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prissy Pieces Hairbows & Accessories

I recently started a businness called "Prissy Pieces" and I make hairbows (infant, small, medium, & large), hairbow holders, ponytail holders, and headbands. The hairbows an be made with either an alligator (infant) clip or a metal barrette. The prices range from $2-$8 and all bows are treated to prevent fraying. Above are pictures of some of my hairbows and hairbow holders. The hairbow holders can be personalized or I can make it out of a single wooden letter.
I am currently working on a website: and hope to have more pictures posted there.
This is my way of trying to contribute to the family and it is a stress reliver to me to make hairbows.


Z & M in their "pretty dresses" and princess crowns.

Things have been wild and crazy here since I last posted. We decided to go to Orange Beach over Easter weekend. A friend of mine has a condo and we got the "friend's rate" so we couldn't turn it down. We asked MeMaw and PePaw to join us for a few days. The picture above is of them on the beach the first day we got there. That is the only time we wore a swimsuit the entire trip. It was FREEZING cold and it rained on Saturday and Sunday.
The bottom 3 pictures are of the kids on Easter morning in the condo. You can probably tell by looking at C that he doesn't feel well. He had a bad sinus infection and an asthma flare up while there. On Sunday night, (the night b/4 we came home), Z ran out of the bedroom with socks on (with no plastic grippies on the bottom) and slipped on the tile floor and hit her head. She knocked herself out and suffered a concussion. She threw up several times on Sunday night and all the way back the Children's ER on Monday. (She has had a concussion b/4 so we knew what to watch for.) After 4 hours in the ER, we learned that her shunts were fine, she did suffer a major concussion, and she was really dehydrated. After some fluids, LOTS of stickers, and a visit from Daddy, M, and C, she felt a lot better. We were finally back at home at 9:30 p.m.
Z got a new brace for her right foot and we have been on a mad hunt for 2 pair of matching lace up shoes. One in a 10 wide and one in a 9 narrow. As you can imagine, that is impossible!!!! Her brace is to help with the arch on that foot. Her right foot turns inward and she walks on the side of the foot. The brace will make a huge difference if we can ever find 2 shoes to fit!!!!
Daddy has been working on his final Master's project and has to finish it by early May. Once he does, he will be able to graduate this Spring!!! GO DADDY!!!!!!! Daddy was also involved in an auto accident today. He was driving his truck on campus and a girl was going to fast in a curve, lost control, and smashed into the drivers side. He wasn't hurt but I can't say that about his truck. We hope that the insurance will total it out b/c the repair costs would be more than what the truck is worth. When the kids saw it, they said, "Oh no! Daddy crashed! He needs sticky tape to fix it". (For those of you who have seen Dora the Explorer, you know what sticky tape is and according to Dora, it fixes everything.)
All of the kids are sick with sinus infections and C is still battling some wheezing so his doctor gave him a nebulizer, which should help get the medicine into his body better and faster. He has to wear a mask and the machine turns the medicine into smoke and blows it into his face. We told him that he was smoking and then realized that he would go and tell all of his friend and teachers that he smokes!!!!!
I will close with something very cute that Z said one night at dinner. After a very big and yummy meal, I pushed myself back from the table and said, "That was delicious. I feel fat and sassy now!" Z responded, "No mommy, you are just fat!!!".