Friday, November 21, 2008

MAJOR haircuts today!!!!

The girls hair b/4 their haircuts today.
The girls hair afterwards. C is saying "Touchdown Mom".
I only wanted 3" taken off of Z's hair and 5" taken off of M's hair.
Needless to say, the beautician got a little scissor happy and I had to stop her on M's hair and trim things up at home b/c she kept making it uneven.

The girls are happy with their new "do's" and that is all that matters. Our morning routines will go much faster now!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

1st time roller skating

C's football team had a roller skating party to celebrate the end of the season and to give out awards. It was their first time to ever go rolling skating.
Z got the hang of it and I didn't snap the picture fast enough but she skated all by herself!!

Here are Z and C hanging on for dear life onto the hand rail while this kid comes zooming by!

Look at M go!! She caught on the fastest and had NO fear!

Even with Daddy's help (who hasn't skated in over 15 yrs.), C just couldn't get the hang of it.

Daddy and the girls
All of the boys received trophies and good praises and they came in 3rd place in their age group. Not too bad!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

C's last football game

C's best pal, daddy, and C posing after the game!
Coach daddy and C after they lost the 1st round of playoffs!

C playing safety (#33)

Coach daddy and C on the field

These are pictures from their homecoming game 3 weeks ago. C still had the boost cast on. They all recieved medals and goodie bags.

Daddy giving C a pep talk b/c he was upset that he couldn't play.

C on the sidelines with his team

Their team photo!!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

Z was very excited to get her hands gooey!
Getting both hands dirty.

M didn't like the feel of it at first.

She finally started enjoying herself.

C was a little hesitant to touch the slimy guts too!

But he too, got into the spirit of cleaning out his pumpkin.

The finished products!! They helped draw the faces on each of their pumpkins.

Z was Spider Girl, C was a ghost, and M was a "Married girl" (a.k.a. A Bride)

I went to our churches Trunk or Treat as a witch.

Daddy went as the fired Auburn offensive coordinator.