Thursday, November 29, 2007

We've Moved!!

I am so sorry that it has been almost a month since I last posted. We moved at the beginning of November and were without internet until about 4 days ago. We have moved out to the county and have a huge house on 6 acres of land. We are still trying to get settled and unpack. We have to replace all of the carpet upstairs due to extremely bad dog, urine stains and a smell that is indescribable. We did not notice these things at any of our viewing due to a smart home owner who used lots of Glade Plug-Ins and strategic placing of furniture and rugs. Besides that, we love the house and can't wait to get settled. The kids are very upset b/c we haven't unpacked many of their toys and we don't have a Christmas tree up yet. They are afraid Santa will not find us now that we have moved and that he will be upset b/c we do not have a tree. I promised them that as soon as we get new carpet, we will put up a tree and unpack all of their toys.

The kids are still attending MDO 3 days a week and absolutely love it. Since it now takes us 40 minutes (one way) to get there, I have started working there as a floater. They didn't like the idea of me being there at first but now they think it is silly. This was my first week and it was fun b/c I never know what I will be doing from day to day. I will have to say though, that it was hard to get my mind and body use to being back in the working world (even if it is just 4 hours a day). I miss those 4 hours of alone time and that is when I did the bulk of my house work. At least I am making a small income to either pay for gas or their tuition.

I hope to update with pictures soon but it could be a couple of weeks from now. I don't know where the digital camera is.........