Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Girls donate to Locks of Love

This is M's hair from the back
And her hair from the front
Z's hair from the back
The front view
C went first to get his hair cut.
This gave daddy time to get to the salon for the girl's generous donations.
M getting her hair measured. She chose to donate 10" but could have given 12"
The "Big Cut"
My freak out moment!!! (in a good way though)
All gone!!!
Mrs. Emily showing off her donation!
Bye-bye long hair. We know you will make a little girl with cancer VERY happy!
The new "do"......too cute!
The new do from behind.
Now it was Zs turn. This is her getting measured. She had exactly 10" to donate!
The "Big Cut"....oh my goodness!
Bye-bye beautiful blonde hair....we know you will make a little girl extremely happy!!
I am so proud of the girls for their decision to donate their hair. I did not ask nor persuade them in any way. It was all their idea.
Z's new "bob"......Too stinkin' cute
The cut from the back
C is SOOO proud of his sisters!
C stealing a little camera time
Me and C at dinner celebrating the girl's selfless act of kindness.
The girls and I showing off our new hair styles.
They got the "girly bob" and I got the "adult bob.
Our cuts from behind. Short, shorter, and shortest!!!!

Character dress up day at school

The week b/4 spring break, the kids had spirit week at school. One of the dress up days was "character day". Z went as Fancy Nancy. C went as Mr. Incredible and M went as Mulan.

M loses another tooth

On March 9th, M lost her 2nd bottom tooth. This is her showing off her "loot" the next morning.
We didn't know that she already had little buds coming up until the two teeth were pulled.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun (finally)

Z with static electricity on the trampoline
M with some serious static electricity.
Taking time to pose for me.
C climbed up in the chicken's roosting tree. They were not happy with him!
M wanted to take some pictures. Do you see her reflection in my glasses?
She then wanted me to take a close-up of her.
She took a great one of Z.
She then took one of Z and C getting down and dirty.

M lost her 1st tooth!

M had 2 wiggly teeth in the middle on the bottom.
Daddy yanked the 1st one out on the 2nd try (on Wed., March 3rd) and M shed one tear.
Now we can call her snaggle tooth.
With her regular smile, you can barely tell she lost a tooth.
The next morning, she found a golden $1.00 coin and red water in her tooth fairy jar.
She also had fairy sprinkles all over her bed and floor.
M proudly showing off her golden dollar. She was the last one to lose a tooth and she has made sure that EVERYONE knows about it.

Weekend with Quads

M took a picture of Z on our 1st beautiful day to play outside
Z took a picture of M
Me and SuperT
Friend "K" on a tractor ride
Friend "J" taking his turn
Little Moo loving on daddy
Friend "H" waving
Friend "L" says hey too!
C shows them how to do it.
Z is loving her speical turn
Some very tired girls
The boys showing off their Lego creations.