Saturday, January 22, 2011

100th Day of School

Despite the snow, we still did school work and
celebrated the 100th day of school on Jan. 14th

1st Snow Storm of 2011

The night the snow storm came.....Jan. 9th
Jan. 10th, sledding down the hill on a pool float
Tumbling down the hill
Our snowman
Daddy and M
Z fell on her face on the trampoline b/c it was so slippery
C's mini snowman
Daddy and Mommy!!

M lost another!

2 days later, M pulled out her own tooth!! She was so proud and a little scared that she did it.
2 snaggled toothed girls!!!

M lost 1st big front tooth

On January 6th, M had wiggled her tooth so much, it was barely hanging in her mouth. I took her to her bathroom, grabbed the tooth with a paper towel and told her to look at herself in the mirror. When she turned her head, the tooth popped right out. Only tears of joy followed!
Now to pull that other crooked tooth!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas with MeMaw and PePaw

We had Christmas with MeMaw and PePaw on the 29th. We were suppose to go down the day after Christmas but the roads were too icy to travel. We also had to wait until I had my apicoectomy on the 29th. PePaw is glowing in the picture with his "safety" jacket.
MeMaw looking at one of her gifts.
Z with her Hannah Montana CD
M with part of her My Twinn doll clothes
C with his new Star Wars sheets
What are you wearing?

More Christmas Day and SNOW!!

PaPa and MiMi came over to have Christmas lunch with us and to see what the kids got.
We actually had a white Christmas. It wasn't much but I'll take it!!
The girls
Me in my new Stadium Stomper rain/cowboy boots!!!
The kids trying to ice skate on the trampoline
We love snow!
C after eating a snowball