Friday, January 29, 2010

Ben's BIG kill

After Christmas, we went down south to hunt. Ben and Clay went hunting and this is what they "bagged"
The 2 proud hunters
The scale speaks for itself.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas at our house

Opening gifts from Uncle Kent
Below this picture:  family hanging out with us on Christmas Day

The pictures posted backwards.  This is the kids waking up Christmas morning to find their Santa goodies.
Above this is the letter from Santa telling them that they had more goodies downstairs....drums and guitars.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas with PaPa and MiMi

MiMi, Daddy with "Butt Quack" boxers, cousin LJ, and C with cousins J and J.
The #1 thing on C's Christmas list was "Pirate ship Legos" and Mimi and PaPa gave them to him. He was SOOO excited he started crying and ran and hugged MiMi and PaPa as tight as he could. It was so sweet.
The girls really wanted American Girl dolls but they didn't have dolls that matched both their eye and hair colors. MiMi found My Twinn dolls that were made to match a picture that she sent in of the girls. They were very excited to have a little twinn.

Christmas party at school

The girls were wearing dresses that they designed (and I sewed)
Opening their "stocking stuffers" that they gave each other.
All of the students pitched in to buy their teacher, Mrs. J, a new mini fridge for her classroom b/c she has a bad ant problem. They brought her to tears.
M, on the far left and Z and C on the far right.
Class picture (missing one friend who left early)

Sitting with Santa at our church

M very happy to sit with Santa
Z giggling with Santa
C was SOOO excited to tell Santa his wishlist.
M cuddled up to "Singing Santa" while others took their turns with the real Santa.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow Day!

The first week of December, we got snow! It wasn't a lot but it was fun to play in.
The trio inside the trampoline.

Auburn vs. Alabama: Game Day!

Z and M ready to cheer on the Tigers
Me and Z wearing matching sweatshirts. She was VERY excited!
C was building houses during halftime.
War Eagle!!
M decided to read during time-outs and 1/2 time.


M, C, and Z on Thanksgiving Day
Papa with the grandkids discussing the story of Thanksgiving
Unfortunately, Mimi was in the hospital on T'day so we took her a BIG plate of food and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.
Afterwards, we went to see Daddy's Granny. She is making a silly face b/c Daddy said something funny and inappropriate!!
Z, M, and C (with a hospital glove balloon) around the flag pole at the nursing home.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Z loses her 1st two teeth (in Nov.)

See those 2 baby teeth on the bottom almost touching?
See those 2 new teeth growing in and pushing those baby teeth out?
See a messy face with missing baby teeth?
See goodies she got from the dentist after she had the 2 stubborn and stuck baby teeth pulled?
See the golden streamers the tooth fairy left on the floor along with a golden dollar and 50 cent piece.

Disney on Ice

Toy Story
Me and M being silly taking a picture of ourselves.
M, Z, and C. They were each allowed to bring one dress up item. M chose a crown. Z chose Cinderella gloves, and C chose the Incredibles mask.
Mickey, Minnie, and all of the characters coming out to say goodbye.
All of the characters lined up again to say goodbye.

Trunk or Treat at church

The kids dressed as their favorite Disney characters and I took them to the mall to receive FREE Disney on Ice tickets. All 3 of them got tickets and I received a $10 off coupon
For Trunk or Treat at our church, C dressed as a wizard, Z was a girly pirate, and M was a good/bad witch!!

Ben was a tourist and here he is posing with another church member.