Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another cast!!

Those ugly toes don't belong to C. They belong to my sweet hubby. He hurt his heel/foot playing basketball this past Thursday. He went to the doctor yesterday and they believe he has torn his Achilles tendon. Needless to say, he is in a lot of pain and gets to sport this lovely cast, along with a boot cast like C wore a few months ago. He goes to have a MRI tomorrow to find out the full extent of the damage. What I am going to do with these boys??

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zoo Day!

Since the rain had finally stopped and the sun came out, my friend T and I decided to meet up this past Friday with the kids for a fun day at the zoo. This is the best picture I could get of these wiggle worms!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Weekend in Nashville

C, Daddy, and Z making silly faces at Ruby Tuesdays on our way up to Nashville.
Mommy and M making sweet faces.
C wanted to take a picture of his mac 'n cheese lunch. He actually took this picture himself.
M then took a picture of her turkey burgers and fries.

And Z took a picture of her shrimp and fries.
M, Daddy, Z, and C on the back seat of the tour bus at the Jack Daniels Distillery.
The kids posing with good 'ole Jack Daniel.
Cave springs---were they get the pure water to make the liquor
This a tower of whiskey bottles from the Single Barrel Reserve Room. A barrel can range in cost from $9000 to $12,000.
The reason for our trip to Nashville was to see Daddy's second cousin, Lauren wed Brad. There the happily married couple poses with Lauren's parents.
Clowning around with the cousins. Our kids LOVED hanging out with them.
Cutting of the cake
All of the kids waiting to taste a bite of the wedding cake. C waited so patiently for it and when they cut it, he said, "Finally!! I've been starving for some cake!". Needless to say, the entire room erupted in laughter.
More family hanging out and chatting.
We had a great time in Nashville this past weekend. We left on Friday so we could take time to visit the Jack Daniel's Distillery. It was a great tour and the kids actually enjoyed it too. Ben could have lived in the Barrel House b/c of the smell of liquor and the kids thought it smelled "stinky".
On Sat., we went to the wedding of Daddy's 2nd cousin, Lauren. It was a very simple and beautiful wedding. This was the 1st wedding that the kids had ever been too. M loved every moment of it. Z seemed a little bored and C did what most boys do in church.....got in trouble!!!
After the wedding, we went back to Daddy's 1st cousin's house, along with about 40 other family members, and had dinner together. It was so awesome to see his family and catch up all night.
On Sunday, we went to the hotel where most of the wedding party was staying and had a worship service with his family around the pool. It was awesome and you could feel God's presence everywhere. The best part of the service is when they asked if anyone had a song they would like to sing (meaning a worship song), C raised his hand and said, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". We all happily sang it as C acting as an orchestrator. It was too cute!!!

Christmas Day

Daddy, PePaw, and Uncle B putting the kids' new trampoline together. This was a gift from Uncle B, PePaw, and MeMaw. The kids LOVE it.
Uncle K helping C and Z play with C's new table football game.
M with her new Bella Dancarella mat and bar that she got from Santa.
PePaw and Uncle B
We were so happy to have MeMaw, Pepaw, my brothers (Uncle B and Uncle K) spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. We were also joined later on Christmas morning by MiMi and PaPa. We had such a great day and unfortunately, I took most of the pictures with my 35mm camera. I will try and post some of them later.
The kids were really into Santa this year but quickly reminded anyone that it was also Jesus' Birthday. They loved all of their presents and loved having family here even more!!
We went to Atlanta 2 days after Christmas to celebrate with Daddy's brother and his family. Again, I took pictures with my 35mm camera and not the digital.

Christmas service at church

Daddy, me, MiMi, Papa, Z, C, and M posing in front of
the beautiful Christmas tree at our church.
Family Photo!
Our family lighting the 4th Advent candle
The kids as angels and a drummer boy for the Christmas Cantata
Our little drummer boy and angels
M and Z now have their wings!!!