Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Day

Daddy, PePaw, and Uncle B putting the kids' new trampoline together. This was a gift from Uncle B, PePaw, and MeMaw. The kids LOVE it.
Uncle K helping C and Z play with C's new table football game.
M with her new Bella Dancarella mat and bar that she got from Santa.
PePaw and Uncle B
We were so happy to have MeMaw, Pepaw, my brothers (Uncle B and Uncle K) spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. We were also joined later on Christmas morning by MiMi and PaPa. We had such a great day and unfortunately, I took most of the pictures with my 35mm camera. I will try and post some of them later.
The kids were really into Santa this year but quickly reminded anyone that it was also Jesus' Birthday. They loved all of their presents and loved having family here even more!!
We went to Atlanta 2 days after Christmas to celebrate with Daddy's brother and his family. Again, I took pictures with my 35mm camera and not the digital.

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