Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Surviving the Flu and More!!

In early January, the kids were able to visit with their 2nd cousins who live in Portland, OR and their great Aunt Glenna Marie. They came to B'ham for a visit and stopped by our house. The kids had such a blast!! They stood at the front door sobbing when their new friends had to leave. There is a picture above of all of them together.
After a big rain storm, we put the kids in their rain boots and jackets and let them splash around in all of the huge puddles around the house. They got so filthy and loved every minute of it.
There is a picture of C with his new friend, McKenna. She is also a triplet and her mom, dad, 2 brothers, big sister, and big brother came over to the house for a visit. C LOVES her!! You can tell how proud he is to hold her. We kept the triplets over night when they were 2 months old and C helped out a ton. I asked him if he would like a baby brother or sister of his own and he said, "No, I like this one". Thank goodness b/c I am not ready to have another little one right now.
The other pictures are of us at the Tennessee Aquarium. We went there in the beginning of February. The individual pictures of the kids are of them inside the crab tank. The picture with the scuba diver is them watching her feed the sting rays. The lady would make the sting ray climb the window right in front of the kids. They were so amazed and the sting ray was HUGE!!! The last picture is of Ben and kids in the butterfly garden. Their butterfly garden puts the B'ham Zoo's garden to shame.
The 2nd week of February, I got the flu and 2 days later, Ben got it. My parents and his came over to help out with the kids. Luckily, they never got it. They all had really bad sinus infections though that lasted 3 weeks. Ben and I have finally shakin' the last of the flu this week and are finally catching up with the many cancelled appointments and missed phone calls.
The kids are still loving their mother's day out class and therapy class. They have learned a ton of new songs and prayers. They can all spell each other's names and the words "stop, go, and cat". They know all of their letter sounds and can count to 39. (I know, what a random number) Z has decided that her favorite color is purple and she loves Dora the Explorer and Strawberry Shortcake. M likes the color pink, Care Bears, and anything princess. C likes blue and cars, trucks, and diggers. They are building lots of new things around us so we have taken several walks to look at all of the diggers. It is so much fun to see his face light up when he sees them go by.
I think that sums up our last 2 months. Hopefully, spring will come with fewer illnesses and lots of sunshine!!!!!!!!