Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

Z has been asking for a doctor's costume so we headed to the thrift store and found an old scrub top. She LOVED it. She now works for the Magnolia Endoscopy Center.
M wasn't sure what she wanted to be until we found a brand new Pizza Hut shirt. I had my old name tag from when I worked at Pizza Hut (sad but true) and we have a Pizza Hut cash register and play food that completed her outfit.
C also wanted to be a doctor. He now works at UAB West.
For $1.50, I have 3 happy children!

Family get-together at Gran's house

Z-C-M-cousin D- and our old dog Buster
Karen, Gil, and son D. They are the reason for our get-together. They flew in from Spain to spend a month with Karen's family.
Cousin Tammy, cousin Karen, and C looking at pictures on the camera.
Cousin Trey, his new wife, and son S.
All of the kids spent the majority of their time playing air hockey. M actually beat almost all of the boys.
Me and Gran
PePaw, MeMaw, cousin M, and little M with her mini Sprite.
M, cousin M.E. (who was born a month b/4 our kids) and Z showing off their Barbie dolls.

Another day at Celebration Park with friends

M coming out of the "car wash" at the Splash Pad. We spent the day there with some friends from church at the end of July.
Our little friend, M.E.
Our "Big Kid" friend, A.K.
Our same age friend, C, who loved sliding down the wet side after it rained on us a little. He landed flat on his booty right after this shot was taken.
C going down the wet slide. He went flying off after this picture was snapped.
M.E. again
M.E., big brother C, Z, and M at the tornado
Eyelash picture of C
Eyelash picture of M
Eyelash picture of Z
Eyelash picture of M.E. sleeping
We ended the day with C taking a nasty fall on the concrete. He scrapped his knee and ankle.
He scrapped his elbow so bad that a volunteer fire dept. worker (who luckily was there) had to go get his medical kit and wrap his arm.
He also scraped his ribs. Poor fellow. His day was done!

Friday, August 07, 2009

More surgery for C

C had to go back to the doctor on Wednesday b/c he had an ingrown toenail on the toe that he had the wart and nail removed from in June.
He also had 2 more warts on his left ankle that she put acid on to remove them. His new nickname given by the doctor is "Wart Monster"!!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Random pictures

The kids asked me to post this picture. They are imitating me after a shower. Can you guess who is who??
YUMMY Amish Frienship bread. We added blueberries and it was delicious!!

Recipe for the friendship bread. We have made bread every 10 days for the last 40 days.
Is the recipe and starter bag. We have made vanilla bread, chocolate bread, blueberry bread, and chocolate chip bread. We are trying to decide what to do with bag number 5. Any suggestions?????