Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another day at Celebration Park with friends

M coming out of the "car wash" at the Splash Pad. We spent the day there with some friends from church at the end of July.
Our little friend, M.E.
Our "Big Kid" friend, A.K.
Our same age friend, C, who loved sliding down the wet side after it rained on us a little. He landed flat on his booty right after this shot was taken.
C going down the wet slide. He went flying off after this picture was snapped.
M.E. again
M.E., big brother C, Z, and M at the tornado
Eyelash picture of C
Eyelash picture of M
Eyelash picture of Z
Eyelash picture of M.E. sleeping
We ended the day with C taking a nasty fall on the concrete. He scrapped his knee and ankle.
He scrapped his elbow so bad that a volunteer fire dept. worker (who luckily was there) had to go get his medical kit and wrap his arm.
He also scraped his ribs. Poor fellow. His day was done!

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