Thursday, July 12, 2007

My latest sewing projects

I am a little burned out on making hair bows right now so I thought I would do some more sewing. I monogrammed the kids some beach towels and I made a crayon holder/bag. The kids can put crayons on the outside and a coloring book on the inside of the bag. I am also making the kids some clothes for fall too!

Just thought I would share and the next post will have pictures and of course, stories of the kids.

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Birthday weekend

My 32nd birthday was on Friday and daddy and the kids baked me a poundcake! The kids insisted that I put candles on it and kept asking where the icing was. They said it was not a real cake unless it had icing on it. They were very proud of their cake and of the fact that they can now sing the whole "happy birthday" song. They sang it to me about 50 times!! That was the greatest birthday gift ever.

For my birthday, we spent the weekend with my parents. We stopped by the outlet mall on the way down so I could pick out some new clothes for my birthday. I love outlet mall shopping but not with 3 three year olds. Once at my parents, PePaw and daddy took the kids to feed all of the animals and to ride around. I got to go and shop ALONE!!!!!! And I found my new favorite store. It is called 'Dirt Cheap'. It is the best bargain store ever. All different kinds of stores send their close-outs or out of season stuff there and Dirt Cheap marks it way down. The clothes are $3, $5, or $7 and you just have to dig for what you are looking for. I got brand new bathing suits for the girls for $1.50 each. I got a new full sheet set for $12 and Melissa and Doug puzzles for $3 (They retail for $20-$25). I found seersucker pants for $3 and a 2 piece pj set for $3. I got the girls shirts made by Khols for $3. Like I said, it is a bargain hunters dream store. It isn't very clean and you have to be prepared to get down and dirty to dig for what you want.

After my shopping spree, we took the kids fishing. They had so much fun!! They caught five fish each. C caught one catfish and 4 brim and the girls both caught 5 brim each. They fished with a cane pole and crickets. PePaw baited the hook and daddy helped the kids one at a time throw the hook out. The fish were extremely hunger and started nibbling as soon as the hook went under. Daddy set the hook (with their 'help') and we made them pull the fish on the bank. I forget that kids 'sometimes' do exactly as you say and when I asked them to "hold your fish" for a picture, they really tried to hold the fish. Of course, they all got finned and wanted nothing to do with it after that. Once I realized what I was asking of them though, I rephrased my question and asked them to hold the line with the fish on it so I could take their picture. The pictures above so them all waiting patiently for PePaw and daddy to bait a hook. The following pictures are of C, M, and Z with one of their fish.

On Sat., we had dinner with one of my best friends from high school and her family. The kids love playing with her kids and after dinner they all got to swim together and then go and feed some very hungry baby catfish. They were amazed at how the catfish would jump at the top of the water to get the food.

On Sun., we took them to my parents church. I am still amazed that they sat quietly during the hour long service (there is no nursery or children's church). After church, we went to a new Chinese restaurant for lunch and then went to see my grandmother. The kids always bring a huge smile to her face. After that, the kids went with Pepaw and daddy to feed the animals again and I went shopping (at Wal-Mart) with my mom!!

It turned out to be a great birthday weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!