Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Vacation to Mobile

On Friday, we went to Dauphin Island and visited the Estuarium.

The kids were able to touch all kinds of preserved sea life.
They had a really fun kids area.

Deep sea diver Moo

Deep sea diver Little Chef

Deep sea diver Lego Man

We were all able to hold a horseshoe crab and spider crab.

Next, we visited Ft. Gaines and then headed to downtown Mobile to stay the night. We enjoyed a stroll around downtown, dinner and live music on the patio, and a late night swim.

On Saturday, Lego Man's Boy Scout troop spent the night on the USS Alabama. In the picture above, he is pretending to get a good nights sleep in his middle cot (below deck) which was hanging from the ceiling. Dad slept on the cot below him while the girls and I slept in our nice, comfy hotel room......with air conditioning......and a pool!!!!

The kids on the main deck of the battleship.

The girls and I were able to tour the ship, submarine, and museum with the Boy Scouts from 4:30 until 8:00 p.m. At 8:00, all of the ladies were kicked off but not b/4 we had a yummy pizza dinner in the Ward Room. The guys continued to explore the ship after we left.

Lego Man pretending to shoot something.

Moo modeling as always.

Little Chef with the wind in her hair

The kids in one of the doorways of the sub.

End of the Year Co-op party

The kids going through the "car wash"
How many kids can fit on one swing???

Moo and Lego Man and one of Lego Man's best buds eating lunch.

Little Chef, their BEST friend "ballet girl", and Moo

April 27, 2011

Four days after the tornadoes (and after we regained power), we loaned our generator to an elderly family in our church. These are some pictures in their neighborhood in Argo. Above is the foundation of an elderly ladies house. Unfortunately, she perished.
Here is another foundation and unfortunately this family perished as well.
This is what is left of the two houses.
You can see the washing machine, clothes, doors, ect....

More debris

A cast iron sink wrapped around the top of a tree.

The hillside leading into their neighborhood. Several more homes were completely destroyed and several more lives were lost.

This is what left of several homes in Sipsey.

This will be a day we will always remember. Our kids learned a valued lesson in helping your neighbors in need. They helped with tree removal from one friend's house. They helped volunteer several days at the local Civic Center where we sorted and distributed donations. They also help wrap and deliver over 250 potted plants to the Sipsey community. These plants were given to children affected by the tornado so they could give them to their mothers for Mother's Day. I have a picture but forgot to post it!! (check Facebook)

2011 Yellow Jackets

They came in 3rd place for the season. Not too bad for two 1st year coaches and only 5 teammates that have played ONCE before!!!

Go Yellow Jackets!!

Easter afternoon at BackHome Farms

Moo on the tire swing with her crazy, new socks that the Easter bunny left.
Hot Potato on the trampoline.

Little chef getting a 4-wheeler lesson from Uncle A

All of the girl cousins taking a hike up to Flag Mountain.

(after an 1 1/2 hr. ride on the Mule trying to find it)

Once there, Uncle R took them all to the outhouse for a potty break.

A 1st for all of the girls and probably for Uncle R too!!!

Aunt Nee Nee instructing the kids (and adults) on where to egg hunt.

Lego Man filling his bag.

All of the cousins with their "finds".

Easter Day at Briarwood

The kids in their Easter best
Dad and his "babies"

Mom sneaking in for a picture.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

April 17th - Easter Egg Hunt

I was in charge of our Easter egg hunt at our church this year. The kids were so excited b/c they had seen the 300+ eggs that were in my car and they couldn't wait to crack them open.
Little Chef

Maggie Moo and Lego Man

Lego Man found a golden egg.

All of the "big kids" that hunted this area. We had another area for "little kids"!!

During Children's Church, they got to enjoy some yummy snacks and Mrs. Deb discussed the Resurrection eggs with them. They all received a golden egg on their plates too!

Trip to the zoo

Wow! Look how strong they are!!!
New items in the African Safari area

The new elephant habitat.

One of the elephants.

Z wore her giraffe pants and couldn't wait to show the giraffes.

Posing with Mr. Bunny

They were hot and tired by this point and a little disappointed in the "new" part of the zoo.