Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Vacation to Mobile

On Friday, we went to Dauphin Island and visited the Estuarium.

The kids were able to touch all kinds of preserved sea life.
They had a really fun kids area.

Deep sea diver Moo

Deep sea diver Little Chef

Deep sea diver Lego Man

We were all able to hold a horseshoe crab and spider crab.

Next, we visited Ft. Gaines and then headed to downtown Mobile to stay the night. We enjoyed a stroll around downtown, dinner and live music on the patio, and a late night swim.

On Saturday, Lego Man's Boy Scout troop spent the night on the USS Alabama. In the picture above, he is pretending to get a good nights sleep in his middle cot (below deck) which was hanging from the ceiling. Dad slept on the cot below him while the girls and I slept in our nice, comfy hotel room......with air conditioning......and a pool!!!!

The kids on the main deck of the battleship.

The girls and I were able to tour the ship, submarine, and museum with the Boy Scouts from 4:30 until 8:00 p.m. At 8:00, all of the ladies were kicked off but not b/4 we had a yummy pizza dinner in the Ward Room. The guys continued to explore the ship after we left.

Lego Man pretending to shoot something.

Moo modeling as always.

Little Chef with the wind in her hair

The kids in one of the doorways of the sub.

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