Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awana Club Awards Night

The kids participated in Awana Clubs this past school year.  They LOVED it.

This is the 2nd grade group.  They all had to get on stage and recite either scripture or the books of the Bible.
C recited Matthew 19:14.  Z recited the Old Testament Books of the Bible.  M recited the New Testament Books of the Bible.  They can't wait for Awanas to start back this fall.
I don't have better pictures b/c my good camera had a dead battery! :(

Mother's Day

Z, me, my niece, and M at The Melting Pot

Me, Mrs. Nancy (Renee's mom), MiMi, and my sis-n-law, Renee after lunch.

Me and the kiddos

Lego Man surprised me with another one of his Lego's creations.
It says, "Happy Mother's Day".

He even made Lego characters of our family.

Face Painting at a Birthday Party

Lego Man got a lightning bolt on the forehead.

Tiger Girl

Swan Princess

Lego Mania

C and Z made a car dealership out of Legos called "Cuz Cars".

The long strip of Lego people are customers waiting to get into the store.

Another view of the dealership and the owner waving at us on the left.

This is M's "No Stand Skating"

All of their creations together.

Melon Quads Birthday Party

Z on her "pony ride"

She made this face the entire time she was on the "pony".

C on his "pony" ride.

M on her "pony" ride.

C was very excited.

M was glad to be on a real pony.

They got to feed the hogs.

Having fun on the red spinner.

C waiting for the birthday girls and boy to blow out the candles. 

Fun on the Trampoline

We finally had a warm and sunny day to play on the trampoline. 

I love Z's hair in this picture.

M's toe touch

I was a slow snapper on Z's toe touch.

C's front flip.

C's toe touch

Playtime at Co-Op in May

Maggie posing in her new flamingo tee that I made her.

Z and C in the tree house

Playing on the jungle gym

High flying in the swings

Piling into the airplane.

Gymnastics Trophy Meet

Maggie is in the middle wearing the light pink pants/top.

This was her group.  The 3 girls behind her are in her homeschool gymnastics class.

Doing her floor routine.  She was chosen to go first.

Sitting with one of her very good friends from the homeschool class.

Doing her bar routine.

Doing her beam routine.

Handstand flop from the spring vault.

Backbend kick over.

Receiving her trophy.

Proudly showing off her trophy.

Brother and sister (along with Dad, Mom, Papa, and Mimi) were there to cheer her on.


Random Things From April

In history, they had to make play dough statues of themselves!

One rainy, cool day, I made my mom's yummy pound cake and homemade granola bars!

We were blessed with a rainbow over our house after than rainy day.

The chickens hanging out by the compost pile waiting on something yummy.

Megan helped me make a broccoli chicken pie.  It was as delicious as it looks.