Monday, March 28, 2011

Updates a plenty!!!!

It has been over 2 months since I last posted. I have finally caught up and there a MANY posts to read. If you would like to read them in order, scroll down to January and then work your way up to March. If you haven't read "Beauty Secrets of the Bible" by Ginger Garrett, I HIGHLY recommend it. It has changed the way I view the beauty industry and what goes on and into my body. Since I completed the book over a month ago, I have thrown away (or given away) almost every beauty product that I own and switched to organic or all natural products. The only 2 products that I have not gone natural/organic with are deoderant (that is a no-brainer but maybe in the future) and shaving cream (I'll switch once the new bottle I bought is empty) . I now use mineral make-up, organic soap, shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, and toothpaste. I've also changed things in my diet. I feel better and my skin and hair have never looked healthier. Ben has made the switch with me and the kids are also slowly making the change. I'm convinced that so many of today's health problems are related to what we put on and in our bodies. I don't want our children growing up damaging their bodies and facing infertility like we did!!! Please read this book and take a long hard look at what you put on/in your body!!!! In addition to switching our beauty products, I'm also changing out our cleaning products. I've made homemade laundry detergent, and I switched our Windex for vinegar. Once I use up my other bathroom cleaning products, I'll be using good 'ole vinegar and baking soda. Better for the environment and a lot less fumes!!!!

Crazy weather in the south

The kids enjoying a tractor ride in the scoop. Nice overcast day doing yard work......
....... led to this later that night
It looked like snow in the front yard. CRAZY!!!!

M's new glasses

It has been 2 years since M got her 1st pair of glasses.

It was finally time for her to get a new pair. She wanted a pair "just like Mommies"!! Isn't she precious??

Last Upward Game and Awards Ceremony

M doing her cartwheel. She loves to perform in front of people. C standing with part of his team b/4 the game starts.
The girls getting the crowd involved.
All of the Upward cheerleaders with their medals and Upward picture frames.
All of the Upward basketball players waiting on their awards.
They got medals and basketballs. C is right in the middle in red.

Participating in Upward was a lot of fun! They kids learned a lot of scripture and really enjoyed the devotions during practice and the game.

C was most proud of his 2 "Christ-like" stars that he received to put on his jersey.

Pine Wood Derby Race

C's car is on the left. It was called the "Black Widow" and had a Lego skeleton man glued into the drivers seat. He lost to this car by less than 1/2 an inch. He came in 4th in his division. C is next to the bottom on this pile up. Unfortunetly, we did not take a lot of pictures at the Pine Wood Derby Race. I worked from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at a local consignment sale and got there just in time to see his car race. I was exhausted and was thankful that I had a small camera in my car to snap these 2 pictures. He did have awards prior to the race and he earned his Bobcat badge and several other patches.

Valentine's Day

The kids woke up to a few goodies on Valentine's Day. A DVD, a CD, a board game, and candy. There was a Hersey Kiss trail from their rooms to the goodies.
Here they are following the trail.
They found their goodies and my junk for an upcoming consignment sale behind it.

Boy Scout Day

Feb. 13th was Boy Scout day at our church. Here is C with his troop.

He was very proud to show off in front of our church members.

More Upward Photos

C coming out of the "locker room" as they called his name b/4 the game. The "match-up" b/4 the game. C is the tallest on the team.
C is being tackled by the boy he was matched up with.

They gave each other grief the entire season.
The girls doing their thing. M was the loudest cheerleader on their squad.
C shoots and he scores!!!!
The girls at 1/2 time getting ready to dance to "Peanut Butter and Jelly"
C (#14) dribbling towards the goal.

Homeschool Co-Op Valentine's Party

C getting his snack. All of the kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders (that showed up that day)
M with her "kissable" cookie.
Z with her "kissable" cookie.
The girls with their friend "A" who shares the exact same birthday as they do.

They just got through passing out their Valentines.

A "Girly-Girl" Birthday Party

The girls were invited to a princess dress up party for one of their homeschool friends. Here they are with the birthday girl on the left in pink.
Birthday girl!!! Happy 6th birthday K!!!
Z after visiting the make-up station.
M after visiting the make-up station and the make-your-own-jewelry station.

She chose not to have the sparkle eye shadow like Z.

Trip down south

Daddy took a week off from work at the end of January so we could get some deer hunting in. While we were there, I took the girls to one of my old high school friends and she gave us all haircuts. The girls asked for BANGS!!! Aren't they cute??? Z trying out her big girl bike with training wheels.
M on her big girl bike.
Whoa M! What happened??
C (or the hooded bandit) learned to ride his bike WITHOUT training wheels!!! Woo-hoo!
Z trying to follow C.
What happened again M????
The girls take a little break.
Dad giving C a 4-wheeler ride.

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading

On January 22nd, the kids had their 1st Upward basketball game. The girls were so excited to be able to cheer for C's team. He played with the Kindergarten and 1st grade boys and girls. They played at the church where they went to Kindergarten and they were able to play with a lot of their friends from there.

The girls ready for their 1st time to cheer. C warming up with a little bit of dribbling.
One group shot b/4 they started.
Z wanted a real close-up
So did M.
The girls in their line up to cheer for the boys as they were announced b/4 the game.
C in the huddle with his coaches and team mates.
The girls at 1/2 time dancing to "Ice Cream and Cake"!!!