Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Sorry it has been a month and 1/2 since my last update! We have been quite busy. The kids turned FOUR three weeks ago. The 1st picture is of them on their actual birthday. They are wearing birthday crowns that they got from their MDO teacher. As you can see, they were very excited to turn 4 and very proud of their crowns. We had a huge birthday party for them in a gym. Lots of their friends and family came to run and ride around in the gym. The themes for the party were "Diggers" for C, "Strawberry Shortcake" for Z, and "Princess" for M. They each received their very own birthday cake decorated especially for their themes. (Thanks Mrs. A) In the second picture, C is wearing blue, M is wearing pink, and Z is wearing purple and they are surrounded by some of their friends.

Besides planning their party, we have been house hunting. After several months of looking and 2 failed offers on 2 different houses, we stumbled upon "The ONE"!!!!!! (or actually God knew best and made the 1st 2 offers fail and He led us to 'the One'.) It is a 7 bedroom and 3 bath brick home on 6 acres!!! I am so pumped. I have wanted to leave the city for a long time and with the kids approaching school age, we had to move to find a good school system for them and get settled. Once we move (which happens next week--9th & 10th), I'll post pictures of the new house. We will miss the convenience of being so close to daddy's work but we will love the freedom to roam in the woods, play in the creek, plant a garden, and play outside all day long.

We also just returned from Disney World. We went with my in-laws and my brother-in-law and his family. We were gone for 9 days total and were able to stay with some relatives in route and on the return trip home. We had a 'magical' time and the kids are still talking about it. Dear hubby downloaded the pictures to his laptop so I am unable to post pictures right now but I will after we move.

It will probably be another month b/4 I post again, so please check in regularly!