Friday, December 19, 2008

Evening with Santa

Wednesday night at church, the kids got a surprise visit from Santa. M and C are in his lap and Z is in front of them.
C was very happy to tell Santa that he wanted pirate Lego's and the Bat cycle (which is part of a Batman castle set)
Z just copied M and said she wanted a new dolly house. She did however say that she wanted the boy baby doll that can swim under water in the tub or pool.
M also wants a new dolly house and she would like the girl baby doll that can swim.
Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Big "B" turns 36!!!

Saturday night b/4 B's b/day, we met his mom for dinner. His Granny sent a straw hat, corn cob pipe, and a sweet poem about him becoming a farmer.
After dinner, we all went to see the Briarwood Ballet. The girls were SOOO excited!! We all had a great time. (Thanks MiMi!)

Daddy's b/day cake. We didn't have a number 6 so we improvised! At church, C proudly announced to everyone that Daddy was turning FIFTY SIX!!!!!!! It was too funny!

Birthday Boy!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Menu Planning

M asked if she could plan our weekly menu since she has learned how to write all of her letters and has started to read and spell.
For those of you who can't read a 5 years old creative writing, I will interpret for you.
Monday: cereal
Tuesday: Hamburgers
Wednesday: Church (we eat dinner at church every Wed. night)
Thursday: Out (which means she would like to eat out)
Friday: Ham and Cheese
Saturday: Chicken nuggets
Sunday: Turkey

Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Travels

The kids decked out in their "Give Thanks" turkey shirts for their Thanksgiving party at MDO.
Z and M chillin' at MiMi's and PaPa's house

C and cousin J also hanging out on the couch.

All of the grandchildren with PaPa and MiMi. We celebrated Thanksgiving with them on Wednesday.

Z on the tire swing on Thanksgiving Day at my families house. C and M standing by.

M being fearless on the tire swing.

Daddy, me, MeMaw, PePaw (back row)
Z, C, M (front row)
Thanksgiving with my dad's family on Thanksgiving Day.