Monday, December 14, 2009

Belated Birthday Pictures

The kids had never been to Chuck E. Cheese and we made a promise with them that if they read 100 books over the summer, we would take them on the day of their 6th birthday. Well, you guessed it. They read 100 books and then some! They were very excited to have worked so hard and then to be rewarded by all of the fun in Chuck E. Cheese.
My attempt at getting one good group shop of the day of their birthday. They were too tired and a little upset that we were about to leave Chuck E. Cheese.
Cashing in their tickets was excited but the gift choices weren't so exciting. I had more pictures to post from Chuck E. Cheese but every time I tried to upload them there was an error so I gave up after 5 attempts.
Waiting at home for their BIG birthday surprise.
They had been begging for Wii Fit and they finally got it!!

Happy Birthday my sweet 6 year olds!!!!!

Our October beach trip

This year, we took an RV and stayed at an RV park in Perdido Key, FL for 4 1/2 days.
This is Z and C looking for hermit crabs and playing in the bay.
M in the bay. Notice the very pink face. We had just spent 2 hours in the ocean and then spent another 1 1/2 hours in the bay. I didn't reapply sun block as often as I should have!!
Z peeking out from under her hat.
C in the bay
Daddy working on "wetting a line" (That's all he did!!)
Looking at the beautiful houses on Ono Island.
Mommy and Z relaxing on the lazy river at our friend's condo.
C..... just chillin'
C zooming down the water slide
Z zooming down the water slide with friend, H, behind her.
M looks a little concerned coming down as her friend, P, watches
We drove over to Mobile to attend the wedding of one of daddy's old friends. The reception was at a golf course so I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the kids.
I love C's expression in this picture!
I asked them to pose for individual pictures and M immediately struck a pose.
Z struck a pose and kept saying, 'Cheese"
C getting low for the camera.
Z, C, the bride, and M
C, standing with all of the boys, waiting to catch the garter.
C caught the garter and proudly wore it this way ALL night! He also believes that he met his future bride that night. He never got her name but called her "flower girl" b/c she had on a floral dress. I hate that I didn't get a picture of her b/c she danced with him 1/2 of the night. Oh! Did I mention that she was 14 years older than him!
C.....having his dance with the bride
C playing "air guitar" and jamming on the dance floor.
All 3 "getting down" (or in C's case, getting up)
Z, C, M saying their goodbyes to the ocean on our last day there.
Z trying to catch something.
M looking for shells
M, in the water. C and friend, L, gathering water for their sand castle. And friend, P, gathering sand for the sand castle.
C working hard on his sand castle. We spent more time with our friends on our last day there. We are so thankful to be at the beach the same time they are. I think it is going to become a yearly tradition!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Z-M-C!!!

On Saturday, Oct. 3rd, we had Z, M, C's birthday party at our church gym. We originally planned to have the party in our back yard but after 2 weeks of downpours, we decided to have it indoors. The theme was "Halloween"!
C with one of his friends on a little scooter car. These were a favorite for everyone.
The King triplets checking out the scooter cars.
Hula hoops and more scooter fun.
Lots of room to run and play!
More fun!
Most of our party guests posing for a serious picture.
Silly faces!
The YUMMY cake made by Mrs. Alverna. (Thanks!)
The cake table
The gift table and drink station (in the kitchen window)
The food table
Posing with their cake and orange mustaches
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Still singing
Group picture with guests who arrived late.
C taking time out for a quick picture.
Z's friend "L" pushing her during the scooter board races.
M going wide open on her scooter.
Opening presents at home with a few family and friends.
Bat Man (a.k.a. Moot Moot)
Ending the night playing dress-up with the Draughon triplets (their bestest friends!!)
Friend "H", C, and friend "P"