Monday, December 14, 2009

Belated Birthday Pictures

The kids had never been to Chuck E. Cheese and we made a promise with them that if they read 100 books over the summer, we would take them on the day of their 6th birthday. Well, you guessed it. They read 100 books and then some! They were very excited to have worked so hard and then to be rewarded by all of the fun in Chuck E. Cheese.
My attempt at getting one good group shop of the day of their birthday. They were too tired and a little upset that we were about to leave Chuck E. Cheese.
Cashing in their tickets was excited but the gift choices weren't so exciting. I had more pictures to post from Chuck E. Cheese but every time I tried to upload them there was an error so I gave up after 5 attempts.
Waiting at home for their BIG birthday surprise.
They had been begging for Wii Fit and they finally got it!!

Happy Birthday my sweet 6 year olds!!!!!

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