Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Holidays!!!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas holidays! Ben was off for 2 weeks, and the kids and I enjoyed every moment with him. On the 16th, we had Christmas with his side of the family. The kids enjoyed spending time with their cousins and after filling our bellies with good food and opening presents, we all went to the B'ham Zoo to see the Zoo Light Safari. The pictures at the top are of the kids riding the carousel and sitting in their triplet jogging stroller. They was the only way to get them around that night. The zoo was packed and we were so disappointed b/c the only animals we got to see were the barn animals. The kids enjoyed the lights and "snow" so that is all that really matters.

The pictures of them with the reindeer antlers on are from the day we went to see Santa at the mall. Last year, they HATED Santa. This year, they LOVED him! They all sat in his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas (C--a car present; Z--Dora present; M--Princess present) They took a great group photo with him and talked about him non-stop until Christmas Day.

On the 17th, we left to go spend the week with MeMaw and PePaw. We all had a wonderful time out in the country. No telephone, no interstate noise, no hustle and bustle.......just peace and quiet and a very dark sky full of stars!!!!!!!!!! The kids and I went on lots of "adventures" while PePaw and Daddy built a shootin' house. (It's more like a condo.) We walked a mile in the woods and played in the mud, water, and dirt. They learned what an ant bed is and why you don't mess with them. They all got to ride horses, feed the hogs, ducks, donkeys, horses, and deer. They went mud riding with PePaw and Daddy. They played in a huge mud puddle and loved every minute of it. They all shot a 22 rifle (with Daddy's supervision of course). They went with me and MeMaw to see a train depot. They got to see the engineer back up several cars and hook to more. Once he saw us, he blew the horn and it scared the kids to death. They got use to it though and loved watching a "real" train in action! The pictures on the bottom are of the kids looking at the train and M watching Z fall down when attempting to walk on the train tracks.

We came back home on Christmas Eve to get ready for Santa to visit. This was the 1st Christmas that the kids understood what he did and they have been singing 'Happy Birthday Jesus' for weeks now. Once I download the pictures from Christmas, I will post them and tell about our Christmas morning.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Few More Pictures

Family photo after AU game

4 sets of multiples at zoo

ZCM with turkey at zoo

Happy Thanksgiving!

M & C petting a sheep at zoo

M & C hanging out!

Picnic watching AU/UA game!

We went to the zoo with 2 other sets of triplets and a set of quads. We were more of an attraction than the animals. All of the kids had a great time and C actually pet a sheep without me making him do it!!!

Z, M, C and I watched the Auburn/Alabama game alone. Daddy was down South huntin'!! We decided to have a picnic for dinner and ate popcorn and grill cheese sandwiches!!!!! Go Auburn!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

1st Auburn Game!

The girls tailgating with their friend Laney.

M's first look at the Tigers

C's first view of Jordan Hare Stadium

Z yelling "WARRRR EAGLE!!"

We took the kids to their 1st Auburn game on November 4th. The Tigers played Arkansas State and won!! We tailgated with some friends of ours that have 4 1/2 yr. old triplets prior to the game. The kids were full of excitement and practically drug us into the stadium. We had awesome seats in the endzone and were thankful to have Papa tag along with us so we had one on one coverage of the kids. When we first sat down, C and Z were in awe and M would not sit still. They all yelled "WAAARRRR EAGLE---HEY!!" right along with the crowd and C continued to yell, "It's Auburn football!!" every few minutes. We were able to keep them contained and entertained until halftime and then we knew it was time to go. We were out of snacks and juice and just about out of patience!!!! (ha-ha) As exciting as the game was, I think the highlight of their trip was the bus ride to and from our parking spot!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Too Happy to be Sick!!

I had to post these pictures b/c all 3 kids are sick today. By the looks on their faces, you would never know it. C has an ear infection, cold, and fever. M has a lower respiratory infection and fever and Z has a UTI and fever. The first picture is of C and Z. The second picture is M, C, and Z. The girls are wearing their new 'Dora' outfits from Aunt Martha and were very happy to pose in them.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Horsing Around!

Horseback riding with daddy!

Our new "pet"---Shadow the horse

Here are some pictures of the kids "horsing around" with daddy and their new "pet" horse. They now love horses since they got to ride PePaw's horse, Shadow, this past weekend. That is all they have been able to talk about for the last couple of days.

I found their "pet" at Wal-Mart after Halloween and they fight over who is gets to ride it everyday. They have taken Shadow to bed, in the car, and shopping!!!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Mommy and crew b/4 Trick or Treating


C & M in their Halloween t-shirts

The girls with their favorite friend and helpers from the Bell Center.

Halloween this year has been so much fun! The kids were excited to dress up, crave pumpkins, and of course, say "Trick or Treat" to get some candy!!! This year we decided that the kids would wear comfortable and practical costumes. The girls were Auburn cheerleaders and C was an Auburn football player. Our love of Auburn football has rubbed off on them and the decision seemed easy. They were very happy to run around yelling "War Eagle--Hey!!" and "Auburn Football" with LOTS of enthusiasm.

This year they got to wear their costumes on 2 different days. Their early intervention center had a Halloween party Friday and they got to parade around the building showing off to everyone. They also got to wear their costumes today to mother's day out and tonight for "Halloween on the Hilltop" here on campus and to trick or treating. They did so good trick or treating too. They did get a little impatient when the person didn't open the door as soon as they knocked though. They also didn't understand the concept of "only take one" but who cares. They are only three yrs. old.

We gave them a cloth bag in the shape of a pumpkin with their names embroidered on the front to collect candy in and a pumpkin flashlight that makes sounds when you turn it on. They were so excited about them that they took them to bed with them at nap time so they could be ready to trick or treat as soon as they woke up. After 30 minutes though, I had to go in and take the flashlights away b/c they were having TOO much fun with them! They did very good carrying their own bags and collecting candy but the flashlights ended up inside the candy bag.

Overall, we had a very fun and successful Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

C- opening his 1st birthday gift

Z and M opening their first birthday gifts

C- on the way to Mother's Day Out on his birthday

M-(in her favorite hat) and Z on their way to MDO on their birthday

C-M-Z at their party at the Bell Center

On October 5th, Z, M, and C celebrated their 3rd birthday. It is so hard to believe that they are 3 yrs. old. It seems just like yesterday that we were holding them for the first time in the NICU. They have come such a long way. Here are their THEN and NOW stats.

Z- Birth- 2 lbs. & 10 oz. and 14 1/2 inches
Now- 30 lbs. & 37 inches

M- Birth- 2 lbs. & 8 oz. and 15 1/4 inches
Now- 32 lbs. & 38 inches

C- Birth- 2 lbs. & 6 oz. and 14 3/4 inches
Now- 33 lbs. & 38 inches

We are so thankful to their early intervention teachers at Hand in Hand and the Bell Center. Without their knowledge, guidance, and loving care, our trio would have not made all of the progress (developmentally) that they have in the past 3 years. God has richly blessed us!!

The kids had such a fun birthday week. They had a party on their actual birthday (Thurs.) with their friends in Mother's Day Out. They had another party the next day with their friends at the Bell Center. They had a "Wiggles and Sports" birthday party on Saturday with their friends, who also happen to be multiples, at a big gym here on campus. They LOVE birthday cake (or cookie) and presents. They continued celebrating their birthday this week as a few last minute gifts arrived from family and friends who couldn't attend the party. They will be sad when the presents stop coming and the last of the birthday is gone though!!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Z-M-C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Beach Trip!

Daddy's BIG catch!

Having fun on the Merry-go-round

This past weekend, our family plus my in-laws went to Ft. Morgan for a long weekend. We had a really good time. The weather stayed overcast the whole time and we had some afternoon showers. I didn't mind b/c I didn't have to wrestle 3 wiggle toddlers every day to put sunblock on them and we didn't sweat buckets. Having no sun didn't bother me either. Since having children, I could really care less if I have a tan or not. The kids don't mind my pasty white legs!!

All 3 of the kids LOVED the ocean. C loved it the most. We had to wrestle him out of the water every day. He also got to go fishing with daddy and PaPa and acted like such a big boy. M loved the pool the best and took off swimming on her own with her swim floaties and ring float. She finally learned to kick her legs to propel her forward in the water. Z enjoyed playing in the sand the most. She likes the ocean and the pool but only if she was in someone's arms.

On Sunday, the weather was really yucky so we decided to go and ride the go-carts in Gulf Shores. We all (including MiMi and PaPa) had a blast riding them. The kids screamed "Weeeeee" the whole time and asked for "More" as soon as we got out of the go-carts. The rest of the day was spent at the condo as the kids all came down with a nasty cold.

Oh! On the way to the condo the first day, Z said the cutest thing. The sun was shining really bad in our eyes and she sits in the middle carseat. After a few very sunny minutes, she said, "Mommy, turn the light off!".

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wrapping up summer!

M saying "CHEESE!!!!)

C saying "CHEESE!!!!)

Z saying "CHEESE!!!!!)

I can't believe summer is almost over. Where has the time gone?? We have had a very busy summer and are gearing up for an even busier fall. My hubby finished his last master's class this summer and now just has to complete his final project. YEAH!!! I just got through working and selling at our multiples group annual fall garage sale. (That is why I haven't posted in awhile.) I sold a lot of the kids clothes, toys, and our junk and bought them "new" toys for their birthday and Christmas and clothes for the fall. I also made and sold hair bows at the garage sale, and a friend and I were just asked by a local business to make bows to sell in their store for the fall! I am very excited to bring in an income (no matter how small it might be) and glad to be doing something creative.

The kids had a great time at their early intervention summer camp. The therapists introduced them to the world of "The Wiggles" during the last week of camp. I think they (The Wiggles)have replaced Dora the Explorer as their new obsession. I don't mind b/c they actually sing some catchy songs. For those of you who don't know who The Wiggles are, they are 4 ex-male preschool teachers from Australia that sing and dance with all different kinds of, dinosaur, octopus, a pirate....ect....

C and M have started private speech therapy at Children's and are loving it. Z is jealous b/c she doesn't get to "play" with them. After 3 weeks of therapy, we are already seeing an improvement with both of them. Z got new inserts to go in her shoes to help her walk and run better. The inserts are yellow so she now asks for her "yellow shoes". Other than that, they are doing really well. They LOVE to play in the dirt and swim in the kiddie pool in the front yard. They are starting to get an imagination which is fun to watch and help develop. They like to pray with us and it is so sweet to hear them utter little whispered prayers for each other.

They will start a Mother's Day Out program in 2 weeks and will attend 2 days a week. They will also attend their early intervention center 2 days a week. I will have plenty of free time to make hair bows!!! Seriously, I will not know what to do with them gone so much. Mother's Day Out will be really good for them b/c they will be with typically developing children and we hope that they will help C and M with their speech. We also want them to learn to play with different children and not just each other and other sets of multiples.

I have been approached by one of the kid's therapists to apply for a grant at one of the local colleges to get a Master's in Early Childhood Education so I could work at their center. I contacted the person in charge and she said that I would make a great candidate for the program and urged me to apply immediately. We decided that I would not apply this fall with everything else that we have going on and we would like some time to pray about it to see if this is what God has planned for me. I ask that those of you reading this please keep us and this important decision in your thoughts and prayers as well.

I will post more pictures in a few days. I have to download them off of the camera.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dog days of summer


Z-C (in the shades)- M

Wow! It has been so hot this summer. We are finding ourselves going outside to play VERY early in the morning or after dinner each night. When we do go outside, we always try to involve water to help cool down.........kiddie swimming pools, sprinklers, water sprayers at the zoo. I am posting one picture of our kids playing in a kiddie swimming pool with their new friend Gaines. We spent the afternoon of July 3rd with my oldest and dearest friend from high school and her family and as you can see, the kids quickly found a way to cool down. They finished the afternoon with a nice juicy watermelon too!

The second picture is of the kids playing in one of 2 mud puddles that were left after a very brief rain shower. It was so hot, the puddles were actually evaporating as they played in them!! And yesterday, we all stood out in the rain because we couldn't believe that it was really raining. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures!

"Z" had her 1st and hopefully last encounter with my razor today. I used it this morning by the sink in the bathroom to touch up a few spots and like always, she was in there with me. I laid it IN the sink and stuck my head out of the bathroom to tell my hubby something. When I turned around, she was standing there, razor in hand, with blood all over her. I tried not to panic. I tried to find the source of the blood. I calmly took the razor away and started wiping her hands and face off. She was very calm and allowed me to search her thoroughly. I finally discovered that she sliced her pointer finger in 3 places (it was a 3 bladed razor). I cleaned it off really good, put a bandaid on it, and began to tell her the importance of not touching mommies things. She LOST it!! She began crying so hard and it took at least 30 minutes to console her. Afterwards, she laid on the couch holding her arm in the arm and tried to look at pitiful as she possibly could. The joys of toddlerhood!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Summer fun!

"C" saw the ENT and the tube in his left ear had fallen out and was sitting in his ear canal. The nurse pulled it out and said that the ear canal was still open and he didn't need surgery to insert a new tube! YEAH!!
We learned that "Z" is allergic to Sulfa (which is in Septra). She was taken it for a UTI and about a week later broke out in the worst hives I have ever seen. She would walk in the playroom looking fine and would come out 5 minutes later covered in hives and red rashes. About 10 minutes later they would disappear and reappear somewhere different on her body. It was crazy. She is on Zyrtec now and that seems to help with the hives.
For hubby's Father's Day gift, I made an appt. for us to have our 1st official family portrait taken. It turned out so beautiful. The kids were amazing that day and we got the best portraits of them individually and in a group. Even the photographer was amazed at how happy and well behaved they were. God has truly blessed us with amazing children (and the wisdom to raise them). (I will try and post the family picture once I figure out how to turn it the right way....long complicated story as to why I can't do it)
On Father's Day, we all went to the zoo. We are loving our membership there and are getting a lot of use out of it. (thanks Aunt Glenna) I have taken the kids several times by myself and hubby joined us for the 1st time on Father's Day. He had just as much fun as they did and asked if we would like to go again tomorrow.
I am approaching my 31st birthday next week. It is no big deal to me. Just another day, but I do get to go out to dinner (KID FREE) with my hubby to celebrate!!!!
We have been enjoying playdates with other sets of triplets and playing outside when it is not to hot. The kids helped us wash our cars today and they got wetter than the cars did. They also
enjoyed playing in the sprinklers.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June Highlights

Z, C, & M cooling off in the water fountains

Playing in the stream

We are big kids now!

We are finally over the stomach bug. We learned from the stool samples that we all had giardia and were all treated with Flagyl---some yucky stuff!!! We are now all getting over sinus infections but that didn't stop us from taking our first trip to the Tennessee Aquarium last week. The kids had a blast! "M" is our nature girl and touched everything that they would let her. "Z" is our prissy one and didn't want to get her hands dirty and seemed to be bored most of the time. "C" is all boy and was just mischievous. They enjoyed the "Ocean Life" the most and got bored pretty quickly with the "River Life". Their favorite part of the whole trip was playing in the water fountain and streams. It was a nice refreshing way to end the day.

This weekend, we made the switch to eating at the dining room table. No more highchairs!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! They are so proud to finally eat at the table with us. I enjoy not having to wash highchair trays anymore.

Ben received a promotion this week at work. He will be Director of Systems and Support. He will be in charge of 3 people and 6 or so workstudies. We are very proud of him!!!! Go Daddy!

"Z" had her 6 mo. checkup with her neurosurgeon yesterday and everything looks great. She will see him again in 6 months! He was impressed with her progress, as are we. "C" goes the ENT tomorrow to have the scar on his left ear looked at (from his hemangioma surgery) and to see if the tube in the same ear has fallen out. Hopefully not b/c that would mean another surgery to reinsert another one.

As you can see, the month of June has already been pretty busy for us! Looking forward to more fun in the sun though.