Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June Highlights

Z, C, & M cooling off in the water fountains

Playing in the stream

We are big kids now!

We are finally over the stomach bug. We learned from the stool samples that we all had giardia and were all treated with Flagyl---some yucky stuff!!! We are now all getting over sinus infections but that didn't stop us from taking our first trip to the Tennessee Aquarium last week. The kids had a blast! "M" is our nature girl and touched everything that they would let her. "Z" is our prissy one and didn't want to get her hands dirty and seemed to be bored most of the time. "C" is all boy and was just mischievous. They enjoyed the "Ocean Life" the most and got bored pretty quickly with the "River Life". Their favorite part of the whole trip was playing in the water fountain and streams. It was a nice refreshing way to end the day.

This weekend, we made the switch to eating at the dining room table. No more highchairs!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! They are so proud to finally eat at the table with us. I enjoy not having to wash highchair trays anymore.

Ben received a promotion this week at work. He will be Director of Systems and Support. He will be in charge of 3 people and 6 or so workstudies. We are very proud of him!!!! Go Daddy!

"Z" had her 6 mo. checkup with her neurosurgeon yesterday and everything looks great. She will see him again in 6 months! He was impressed with her progress, as are we. "C" goes the ENT tomorrow to have the scar on his left ear looked at (from his hemangioma surgery) and to see if the tube in the same ear has fallen out. Hopefully not b/c that would mean another surgery to reinsert another one.

As you can see, the month of June has already been pretty busy for us! Looking forward to more fun in the sun though.

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