Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Easter Pics

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Easter Day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Today, our church had an Easter egg hunt and party (which I was in charge of). Above is C in the bunny cut-out that I painted for the festivities.
M is hopping along.
Z makes a cute little bunny.
A bunny cake that one of the ladies made for the party.
C trying to decide what to do next and M is in the background working hard on her art activity.
C giving a hug to his favorite college girls and Z (in green) waiting to get a tattoo.
Z, C, and M posing again right b/4 the big egg hunt. My camera batteries died so I was unable to take any pictures of the egg hunt but they had a blast and found WAY TOO many eggs.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Above are our 6 glasses with the dissolved colored tablets. The smell of vinegar brought back so many childhood memories. I am excited to pass those memories onto my children now!
C, M, and Z ready to get messy!
Z making a blue egg.
M on her 2nd egg.
C was either making Auburn colors or trying to match his pjs.
The girls were concentrating hard.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I joined the hurt foot club!

This past Thursday I went to see the podiatrist to identify two "spots" that have been on the bottom of my left foot since I was in college. With each passing year, the spots hurt worse and worse and my general practitioner was unsure exactly what they were. As soon as the podiatrist saw them, she knew they were planters warts and that they were pretty deep. She looked at her watch and asked me if I worked. When I replied that worked part time, she said, "Good! I have surgery in 45 minutes so we can remove them today!". I was a little hesitant but she was FANTASTIC and hysterical and made the surgery the breeze. Forty five minutes later, my foot was wrapped like this and I know have 2 dime sized holes in the bottom of my foot.
The blood spots show where the holes are and b/c the pictures were a little too graphic, I will not post what the actual holes look like. Ben has been a great doctor and has 3 little nurses to help take care of me. They act as his assistants when he has to rewrap my foot everyday. I have some "happy pills" to ease the pain and I'm able to get around better with each passing day. I should be fully recovered in 2- 1 1/2 weeks.