Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Valentine's Day Celebration!!

Heart pancakes
Z, C, M help us make dinner
C stirs the pink pancake batter
A table set for 5 with mommies flower surprise in the middle.
Our pink pancakes, bacon, and pink eggs
My Love Bug!!

We had a Valentine's Day celebration at house for dinner. The kids helped us make pink pancakes, bacon, pink eggs, and strawberry milk. They thought it was hysterical and we even lit a candle to be "romantic". The kids kept asking whose birthday it was since we had a candle. After dinner, we enjoyed a movie from the comforts of our couch!! It was the best Valentine's Day ever!!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bath Night

The kids love bathtime. We told them to make silly faces and above is the outcome!!

Date with Daddy

C, M, Z
C being Vanna White
Their favorite: Lightening McQueen
After a great morning of worship at a methodist church we have been visiting, Daddy decided to treat the kids to an afternoon at the World of Wheels Show. The kids were so pumped b/c Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, and Lightening McQueen were going to be there for pictures and autographs. Unfortunately, the media did not relay the message that you had to PAY for each individual picture with a character. Five dollars a picture!!!!! Luckily, the kids were able to meet Dora the Explorer, but daddy was not allowed to snap a picture. They got close to Spiderman but were not able to talk to him or take a picture 'with' him. They were also able to get close enough to Lightening McQueen to have an illegal picture taken and so did 100 more people. Daddy said they enjoyed seeing all of the bright and shiney cars and they were happy to have at least seen all of their favorite characters.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fancy Nancy

The kids received Fancy Nancy for their birthday and it has become one of their favorite books; especially Megan. They all asked if they could dress "fancy" one day. Above, you will see the outcome. I wish you could see the eye make-up behind the sunglasses though. They truely were "Fancy Nancy".

Double the Triplets

Daddy attempting to give a piggy back ride to C, Hudson, Z, M, and Parker.

Daddy being tackled by Laney, C, Z, Parker, and Hudson when he came home from work.

My very dear friend and her almost 5 year old triplets came over to play 2 weeks ago. We now live an hour and 1/2 apart so we have to make our get togethers an all day event. Our kids LOVE to play together and at the end of the day, we have to tear apart screaming and crying kids b/c no one wants to leave.

My sweet friend has known me since I had 3 kidney beans in my belly. She prepared me for life with triplets and has been there for me ever step of the way. We share clothes, toys, hair bows, advice, tears, and moments of joy! I pray that our friendship and our childrens' will only grow stronger with each passing year.