Monday, November 22, 2010

C lost another tooth...while in N.C.

Thanks to cousin Terry, who was also visiting and is a dental hygentist. She, with the help of some dental floss, FINALLY pulled C's stubborn little tooth on the top next to his big, new teeth.
A very happy little boy who wondered what the North Carolina tooth fairy leave for him.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trip to the apple orchard in N. C.

On our way to our favorite apple orchard, we stopped by this road side veggie stand.
Our favorite apple orchard in North Carolina moved to a new location. While we were sad that we couldn't visit our favorite spot, their new location is SOOOO much more fun!!

Too many apples to choose from

M chose "Pink Lady"

C chose "Romes" b/c he wanted to be a Roman Emperor

Z chose "Goldens" b/c the sun was so bright

While Daddy paid for the apples, the kids got to swing on a rope swing in the barn. They also got to see a real bee hive behind plexiglass and pet a horse and a pig.

After getting their faces painted and playing with bubbles, we headed to the
pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin.

Trip to the Amish store in N.C.

Taking a rest after looking at so many YUMMY foods!
Trying on bonnets
We finally found C gentleman's hat
Some of the yummy goods they have for sale.

Church Picnic

C is "King of the World" at the playground at Rickwood Park
How many kids does it take to lift Mr. Ben??? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SEVEN
Z and M being princesses in the tower

Field trip to the Fire Station

C getting to "drive" the fire truck
Some of their homeschool co-op group inside the "Smoke House". It was a mini trailer built to resemble a 2 story house. They went over smoke detectors, crawling, and staying low, and looking for the exits. The smoke detector went off and smoke began to fill the room. They had to put what they learned into action.
They went to the 2nd story of the "house" and did the same thing. This time, they had to evacuate off the deck and climb down a ladder.
Their homeschool co-op group

Kid's Birthday Party

Star Wars cake
Helloe Kitty Cake
Barbie cake
3 different themes and 3 happy children!
All the "girly girls" posing for a minute
Playing outside on the new church playground
A friendly game of kickball in the church gym
Z opening her most favorite gift....Dentist Barbie
M opening one of favorite gifts
C opening "The Gift"....Darth Vader costume