Monday, June 30, 2008

My 33rd Birthday!!!

The kids worked so hard with daddy to make me a special cookie. They had a little accident getting it off of the cookie sheet but it tasted wonderful. We didn't have another "3" in our junk drawer so they told me to just pretend there was another one on the cookie!!
Homemade cards from each kid. They drew beautiful pictures on the inside and signed their names all by themselves.
Being silly!
Trying to be serious!!

Lil' Picassos

Lil' Picasso Z
Lil' Picasso M
Lil' Picasso C
The kids have been bugging me for days to paint something. They love to paint and we did it a lot at our old house but haven't done much here. I finally went down in the basement and dug out our 3-sided easel, threw an old plastic table cloth on the floor and let them go to town. The pictures above actually show day 2 of their art work. The first day, the wore old aprons and experimented with mixing different colors to make their background. After that dried, they added detail with Q-tips and white paint. I have absolutely no idea what they "created" but I'm sure they each could tell you.
Look closely, and you will see that the girls also "painted" their lips with one of my old lip liner pencils!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Officially joined our church today!!!

Since the kids had just finished a fun week of "Beach Party VBS", we thought it would be fitting for them to wear their "Sunday beach attire" to join the church today!
M was all smiles about it
So was Z!
And lets not forget C!!!!
We have visited AUMC for about 6 months now and LOVE it! We decided that we would make it official and join today. The kids couldn't be happier attending there and we feel very comfortable and loved at AUMC. The choir director started a kid's choir just for our kids b/c they love music so much and it is refreshing to hear children sing praise songs!!! Hubby plays guitar on Wednesday nights for the youth service and I have joined an "adult" bible study the same night (there are no kids allowed!!) Hubby also played on the church softball team and we were their cheerleaders. We love the pastor, his passion for the Lord, and his desire to reach out to others. We haven't met an unfriendly person yet and we look forward to building many long lasting friendships. Since we use to be presbyterians and have now become methodists, we like to call ourselves "methobyterians"!!!

Kids 1st VBS

M making a strap to hold her new sunglasses.
The kids dancing at their final night of the "Beach Party"
Z making her sunglasses strap.
Z, M, C with "Fla-May" the talking Flamingo.
Hanging with some of their new buddies "on the beach"
In class learning about God and water and air.

Doing an experiment with air and feathers
M & C
Z & M
Chillin at the tiki huts
The kids just finished a week of Vacation Bible School at our church. They had SOOO much fun!! I was their preschool leader and we had the largest group the entire week. The theme was "Beach Party" and all of the lessons, crafts, songs, food, and scriptures related to the beach. As you saw in a picture above, Fla-May was a talking flamingo that my whole group was IN LOVE with!! She helped open and close each night along with 2 college girls whom Z, M, & C are smitten with. It was a wonderful week and the kids really blossomed and asked lots of questions about God and made several new friends.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lil' Chefs

We made beef kabobs last night and let the kids choose their own veggies and "decorate" their kabob.
They helped me make a "veggie pizza" which is really an appetizer on crescent rolls. The topping is cream cheese, sour cream, and several spices mixed together topped with your favorite veggies (broccoli, carrots, red peppers, and of course.......cheese!!!)
Here is the finished product. They only put red peppers on the adult side. We enjoyed our creations on the back deck and followed the meal up with an ice cream cone!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Newest addition to our family

Meet Buster
Everyone attempting to bathe him
He is 7 weeks old.
Trying to get a picture of a puppy is much harder than getting 3 kids to smile.
Last Saturday, we went and picked out a free puppy. He is 1/2 Lab and 1/2 Great Pyrenees. He is a very gentle and smart dog. He sleeps on the back deck and goes under the deck to relieve himself. He is not a big chewer and doesn't whine at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We let the kids name him and that was a comical conversation. Some names thrown out where: Bella, Boy Dog, x-ray, truck, ketchup, pickle, bark, and little dog. Luckily, Z said "Buster" and everybody fell in love with the name.
M LOVES Buster!! She checks on him every morning, plays with him, and makes sure that he has food. She checks on him several times through out the day and she always says goodnight to him b/4 her nap and bedtime. C has a love/hate relationship with Buster. He likes him when he isn't touching or licking him. Whenever Buster comes near him, he freaks out. C likes to pet Buster when he is distracted and the rest of the time he likes to stand far back and observe him. Z does not really care for Buster at all. I asked her if she was jealous of him and she said, "YES!!". I believe her. She will go outside, look at him, sigh, and come back inside. She tries to pet him but when he jumps at her or tries to lick her, she squeals and goes inside. It is so funny.
I'll try and get a better picture of him and hopefully post an update that says they all like him!!