Monday, June 30, 2008

Lil' Picassos

Lil' Picasso Z
Lil' Picasso M
Lil' Picasso C
The kids have been bugging me for days to paint something. They love to paint and we did it a lot at our old house but haven't done much here. I finally went down in the basement and dug out our 3-sided easel, threw an old plastic table cloth on the floor and let them go to town. The pictures above actually show day 2 of their art work. The first day, the wore old aprons and experimented with mixing different colors to make their background. After that dried, they added detail with Q-tips and white paint. I have absolutely no idea what they "created" but I'm sure they each could tell you.
Look closely, and you will see that the girls also "painted" their lips with one of my old lip liner pencils!!!!

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