Sunday, June 22, 2008

Officially joined our church today!!!

Since the kids had just finished a fun week of "Beach Party VBS", we thought it would be fitting for them to wear their "Sunday beach attire" to join the church today!
M was all smiles about it
So was Z!
And lets not forget C!!!!
We have visited AUMC for about 6 months now and LOVE it! We decided that we would make it official and join today. The kids couldn't be happier attending there and we feel very comfortable and loved at AUMC. The choir director started a kid's choir just for our kids b/c they love music so much and it is refreshing to hear children sing praise songs!!! Hubby plays guitar on Wednesday nights for the youth service and I have joined an "adult" bible study the same night (there are no kids allowed!!) Hubby also played on the church softball team and we were their cheerleaders. We love the pastor, his passion for the Lord, and his desire to reach out to others. We haven't met an unfriendly person yet and we look forward to building many long lasting friendships. Since we use to be presbyterians and have now become methodists, we like to call ourselves "methobyterians"!!!

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