Friday, March 23, 2012

Girls Donate Hair to Locks of Love

In Jan., the girls decided to donate their hair to Locks of Love.

This is the 2nd time that they have done this.

This is the front view b/4.

The girls hair from behind.
M b/4. She donated 10" of hair.

M during the big moment!!!

SO proud of her!

The back of hair afterwards.

Her new look from the front.

Z during the cut!

Z was afraid to touch her ponytail so C proudly held it up for the picture.

Z's new do from the front.

The back!

I couldn't let the girls have all of the fun so I got some side sweep bangs. I haven't had bangs with long hair since I was in middle school.

Way to go girls!!! You have made some little girls very happy!!

Gran's 92nd Birthday

Gran with 8 of her 13 great grandchildren
Our family with Gran

My brothers, parents, and me with Gran.

Love her happy smile and spirit.

Gran with 7 of her 11 grandchildren.

Gran with her 5 children.

Self defense at karate

Ben came to karate to be the "stranger" and picked the smallest victim to start with.
The stranger grabbing Z's hair.

C stomping the the big smile as he does it.

The class and their instructor with their "mean faces"

Now with their nice faces.

M had to give me her best mean face too!

Making scrolls



Finished product

Maggie Moo at gymnastics

Maggie with her BFF
Maggie doing a back walkover off the air track.
(I took the picture in a mirror.)

On the beam