Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day at the Great Pumpkin Patch

Tractor/wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch
So many pumpkins!! Where do we begin???

They all run in different directions!

They all picked HUGE pumpkins!!

Acting silly (ZMC)



Posing for a picture!

A giant pumpkin inflatable to jump in

M coming down the alligator mouth

Z coming down the alligator mouth

C coming down the alligator mouth

C zooming down the really tall slide

I almost missed Z's picture b/c she slid so fast!

Petting the llamas

Exhausted and eating a snack on a comfy swing at the end of our fun filled day!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Trick or Treat! This was my favorite pumpkin that we saw last night.
The kids dressed as Indians to attend trunk or treat at my neighbors church last night.

A close up of their outfits and headbands that they made.

Receiving candy from an angel and a banana

Sitting on the sidewalk b/c their bags were too heavy from all of the candy they received

Enjoying a hot dog and chili dinner with lots of yummy desserts.

M on the inflatable slide. She went so fast I almost missed her.

Z about to zoom down the slide

C (boot cast and all) ready to go down the slide.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Latest Projects

A friend from church invited us to come over and pick pears. While there, she gave me a copy of her Pear Honey recipe. When we got home, we couldn't wait to make it. It was our first time to can something. The kids were eager to help and we made 12 jars plus 2 containers for our fridge. It is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! It is great on biscuits, toast, and pancakes!

I also made a matching skirt to go with M's cross shirt. She was SOOO proud!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beach trip!

Daddy and M in the Lazy River
Mommy, Z, and C in his little boat to keep him from wanting to kick his foot in the water.
C, Mrs. C, and 2 of our friends
Mommy and M on the water slide
Daddy giving C a turn on the water slide.
Daddy with M, Z, and our friend L

Mommy and C hanging out at the pool
Our attempt at a family picture
C enjoying some time with his boot off. He was NOT allowed to move!!
Playing with our friends on a beautiful October day!

M and friend P at the Original Oyster House
Mommy and M enjoying the breeze
Friends P and H with Z holding a huge jelly fish
Daddy caught at least 15 jelly fish while we were playing on the beach

M trying an oyster for the 1st time.
Z trying an oyster for the 1st time
C trying an oyster for the 1st time
Friend H swallowing his 1st oyster

I couldn't make this picture flip, but I love the way Z came down the slide
We took a few posed photos while on the beach
Friend L and M at Original Oyster House
Friend P being silly with his cracker.

2 sets of triplets!!!
I'm amazed that we got 6 kids to smile at the same time!!
Our best friends!!!
At the end of a long day. Pile up on daddy!!!

Birthday cupcakes
Z, C, and M got to celebrate their b/day a 2nd at the beach with their friends
Blowing out the candles
Opening their gifts!
What a great trip to the beach!!!!