Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beach trip!

Daddy and M in the Lazy River
Mommy, Z, and C in his little boat to keep him from wanting to kick his foot in the water.
C, Mrs. C, and 2 of our friends
Mommy and M on the water slide
Daddy giving C a turn on the water slide.
Daddy with M, Z, and our friend L

Mommy and C hanging out at the pool
Our attempt at a family picture
C enjoying some time with his boot off. He was NOT allowed to move!!
Playing with our friends on a beautiful October day!

M and friend P at the Original Oyster House
Mommy and M enjoying the breeze
Friends P and H with Z holding a huge jelly fish
Daddy caught at least 15 jelly fish while we were playing on the beach

M trying an oyster for the 1st time.
Z trying an oyster for the 1st time
C trying an oyster for the 1st time
Friend H swallowing his 1st oyster

I couldn't make this picture flip, but I love the way Z came down the slide
We took a few posed photos while on the beach
Friend L and M at Original Oyster House
Friend P being silly with his cracker.

2 sets of triplets!!!
I'm amazed that we got 6 kids to smile at the same time!!
Our best friends!!!
At the end of a long day. Pile up on daddy!!!

Birthday cupcakes
Z, C, and M got to celebrate their b/day a 2nd at the beach with their friends
Blowing out the candles
Opening their gifts!
What a great trip to the beach!!!!

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