Friday, October 17, 2008

1st broken bone

On Sept. 28th, C decided that he would jump off of the top of the plastic playhouse that is downstairs in the basement. It is about 4 foot tall and he landing wrong on his ankle on the concrete and immediately started screaming that he couldn't walk. We called the doctor on call and it was decided to take him in the next day and have it x-rayed. The doctor said that it was just sprained really bad and to take it easy for a couple of days. So, C missed football practice for the next 3 days and sat out at recess at school. He seemed to be doing okay but by the weekend, he started limping extremely bad. The kids were scheduled for their 5 yr. old check-ups on Tuesday (7th) so we had our regular pediatrician look at it. He took one look at C's foot and made an appointment for him to see an orthopedist. He got us an appointment right after their check-up. It was re-x-rayed by the orthopedist and she said that C had torn a ligament on top of his foot next to the ankle and broke the bone right under it!!!!!!!!! I can't believe we had been making him walk around on a broken foot for over a week!! She wanted to put it in a cast but I told her that we were leaving for the beach in a few days so she decided to put him in a boot cast. He is able to take it off to take a bath and to sleep. We go back on Oct. 30th for a check-up and just pray that they will not have to cast it then. We hope that it has healed just by being in the boot.
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