Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

The pictures are a little backwards, but here they are getting ready to blow out the candles!
C's yellow Mickey Mouse cake
M's purple Minnie cake!
Z's pink Minnie cake! (Thanks Mrs. A)
Some of their friends running wild in the big gym!
More fun playtime!
Eating a pizza lunch!

Opening presents from MeMaw and Pepaw and screaming, "We're FIVE!!!"
Mickey birthday banner that I made.
The cake table.

The kids celebrated their 5th birthday this past weekend with a b/day party on Saturday and a small family party followed by a church picnic on Sunday. They had a great time and had lots of wonderful friends show up and received many awesome gifts. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures from the church picnic b/c I took them all with my 35mm camera. I do hope to post some more pictures from the b/day party that our sweet cousin-in-law took with his digital camera.

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