Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!!

These are some of my attempts at taking the kids picture for our Christmas cards. I could always get 2 out of 3 to look and smile and eventually I took "The One"!!!! The field in the background is part of our 6 acres. Isn't it gorgeous and peaceful??

The girls smooching on their brother.

C getting back at them by squeezing them tightly.

This was "The One" however we zoomed in our their upper bodies more b/c C was doing something weird with his thumb.

C posing in front of the tree for me. They helped us decorate the tree this year. That is why there are so many decorations right behind him.

Z posing for me.

M posing for me.

The kids with Santa at the OT/PT Christmas party at Children's Hospital. The girls have flowers painted on their faces and C has a snowman painted on his. Due to the large number of children there to see Santa, the kids were unable to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. C was devastated b/c he brought a catalog with the picture of the toy that he wanted to make sure that Santa got it right.

Baking sugar cookies with Daddy.

These are the chocolate covered pretzels that they made with me. They got a little wild with the sprinkles but the pretzels still tasted great.

Licking the chocolate bowl after making pretzels.

Christmas with Great Granny and the cousins. My brother-in-law's family and my in-laws came and stayed with us for 4 days b/4 Christmas. We had a blast!!

All the cousins piled up watching "The Star of Christmas"

My girls with their only girl cousin.

Papa giving the girls a wheelbarrow ride in the backyard.

C on Christmas morning with his new car table. This is what he really wanted Santa to bring him.

Z with her new bistro grill. She asked for a BIG kitchen (which cost $300) so we told her Santa could only fit this one on his sleigh (and in his budget).

M with her "Pretty pink mirror". She is very much into dress up and this was the perfect "accessory for her".

C spending his 1st night in his new big boy room by himself. He slept in it when the cousins were here but Christmas Eve was his first night to do it alone. The girls came in to tuck him in, say prayers, and tell him that it would be okay and that they would miss him very much. Up until now, they have all 3 shared a room. For Christmas, they received "big girl/boy beds, bedding, curtains, ect". I'll post pictures of their new rooms once we hang all of the pictures.

C on his "new" battery powered 4-wheeler and you can see their "new" bikes in the background. I put 'new' in parenthesis b/c we bought the battery powered vehicles and bikes from another family with older triplets. They were in great shape and are 'new' to our kids.

The girls in their "new" pink jeep. They are typical women drivers. They don't pay attention, talk to each other, talk on the phone, and mess with their hair.

The kids with Uncle K playing with their new Lincoln Logs on Christmas Day.

M as Barbie Island Princess and Z as Dora the Explorer. They LOVE dress up! (Thanks Uncle B for the dresses)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Our Halloween princesses and dashing pirate. (Don't the girls look like teenagers with makeup on?) L to R: Z, C, M

Playing in a huge pile of leaves at the new house. They would ride their tricycles down the sidewalk and crash into the leaves. LOTS of fun!!!

Goofing around trying to take our Christmas card picture. Can you believe the girls are wearing sleeveless for Christmas pictures???? L to R: M, C, Z
Notice part of our 6 acres in the background. They is a nice large field behind them.