Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Mommy and crew b/4 Trick or Treating


C & M in their Halloween t-shirts

The girls with their favorite friend and helpers from the Bell Center.

Halloween this year has been so much fun! The kids were excited to dress up, crave pumpkins, and of course, say "Trick or Treat" to get some candy!!! This year we decided that the kids would wear comfortable and practical costumes. The girls were Auburn cheerleaders and C was an Auburn football player. Our love of Auburn football has rubbed off on them and the decision seemed easy. They were very happy to run around yelling "War Eagle--Hey!!" and "Auburn Football" with LOTS of enthusiasm.

This year they got to wear their costumes on 2 different days. Their early intervention center had a Halloween party Friday and they got to parade around the building showing off to everyone. They also got to wear their costumes today to mother's day out and tonight for "Halloween on the Hilltop" here on campus and to trick or treating. They did so good trick or treating too. They did get a little impatient when the person didn't open the door as soon as they knocked though. They also didn't understand the concept of "only take one" but who cares. They are only three yrs. old.

We gave them a cloth bag in the shape of a pumpkin with their names embroidered on the front to collect candy in and a pumpkin flashlight that makes sounds when you turn it on. They were so excited about them that they took them to bed with them at nap time so they could be ready to trick or treat as soon as they woke up. After 30 minutes though, I had to go in and take the flashlights away b/c they were having TOO much fun with them! They did very good carrying their own bags and collecting candy but the flashlights ended up inside the candy bag.

Overall, we had a very fun and successful Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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