Thursday, October 12, 2006

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

C- opening his 1st birthday gift

Z and M opening their first birthday gifts

C- on the way to Mother's Day Out on his birthday

M-(in her favorite hat) and Z on their way to MDO on their birthday

C-M-Z at their party at the Bell Center

On October 5th, Z, M, and C celebrated their 3rd birthday. It is so hard to believe that they are 3 yrs. old. It seems just like yesterday that we were holding them for the first time in the NICU. They have come such a long way. Here are their THEN and NOW stats.

Z- Birth- 2 lbs. & 10 oz. and 14 1/2 inches
Now- 30 lbs. & 37 inches

M- Birth- 2 lbs. & 8 oz. and 15 1/4 inches
Now- 32 lbs. & 38 inches

C- Birth- 2 lbs. & 6 oz. and 14 3/4 inches
Now- 33 lbs. & 38 inches

We are so thankful to their early intervention teachers at Hand in Hand and the Bell Center. Without their knowledge, guidance, and loving care, our trio would have not made all of the progress (developmentally) that they have in the past 3 years. God has richly blessed us!!

The kids had such a fun birthday week. They had a party on their actual birthday (Thurs.) with their friends in Mother's Day Out. They had another party the next day with their friends at the Bell Center. They had a "Wiggles and Sports" birthday party on Saturday with their friends, who also happen to be multiples, at a big gym here on campus. They LOVE birthday cake (or cookie) and presents. They continued celebrating their birthday this week as a few last minute gifts arrived from family and friends who couldn't attend the party. They will be sad when the presents stop coming and the last of the birthday is gone though!!

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Z-M-C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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